Experts Weigh In On Boeing Plane Crashes


The crash of the Ethiopia Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 early Sunday, less than five months after the same model aircraft crashed in Indonesia, has raised questions about its safety. Some airlines around the world have grounded their fleets of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft following Sunday’s crash, but airlines in the United States have not. Experts say the new 737 Max 8 has a different operating system from previous 737 models. VOA’s Zlatica Hoke reports.
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Date: January 6, 2020

36 thoughts on “Experts Weigh In On Boeing Plane Crashes

  1. To bad Boeing swallowed so many prime contractors, i.e. Rockwell Int`l., McDonnell Douglas, I worked for both of them in So Calif, like hundreds of thousands. Many domestic jobs shipped overseas. Not much is 100% really Made In The U.S.A. anymore. America sold out. And sold out her people in the process.

  2. Ban and sue Boeing for all the innocent lives deaths and calamity to the families. These american capitalists have only greed for money not souls. World kick out each plane of them.

  3. "The Standards" that are out there obviously didn't work did they? Ground these planes until we know for sure! Why risk more lives! Question this people!! Does "money" play a role in this process? 🤔

  4. If this was some one dropped this plane call it terrorist and go to war…
    If this was a pilot.call it mistake…

    If this was the factory mistake.then talk about this plane save fuels and fly faster then rest of them…is talk we hear at the end blame some one else. .

    This exactly what i expect…
    No if or buts..
    A loop and live with it….

  5. The US is reactive not proactive, which means that the only way they ground planes here is if one crashes here, otherwise nothing will be done here in the US. Mark my words.Most likely the pilot will be blame.

  6. Two crashes of the same type in five months. Currently, the United States is the only country not grounding these aircraft. As a former flight attendant, if I were you, I would stay off of them until they find out what the real problem is. Even the Flight Attendant Union is pushing to ground them , but because of GREED! They still fly….. Time will tell………. ->—

  7. Why install sensors (MCAS) that are disastrous and never give adequate training on deactivation when plane starts nose-diving? …its insane! They should accept full responsibility for systems failure and negligence.

  8. I blame the crash on Ethiopian maintenance. Someone in a hurry certified "safe to fly."
    by not following the Boeing checklist over and over again. A Tiny drop of water in the fuel lines, an air bubble in the hydraulic fluid can bring the plane down after take off. Water in the fuel can stall the engine. Air bubble in the hydraulic lines can instantly fail to stabilize the back tail rudders. Yes, the back tail rudders keep the plane fly vertically till it reached 35000 feet. If during accent the rudder goes neutral, lost to hold tight due to the air bubble, the plane will dive down crash. If one engine shut taking off due to fuel in water or a bird sucked in one, the other engine would allow landing safely back. I suspect the flaps failed, seized on take off. Both the maintenance crew and the captain failed to check the flappers before rolling on the tarmac. I blame the maintenance crew and the management. Not Boeing. If you don't follow the checklist, check fuel lines and hydraulic systems after each landing, how can you blame Boeing?

  9. It is extremely difficult to make a plane perfect the first time because of costs constraints.
    In spite of all jobs going outside USA still much has to be done here.

    Also this happens when people become managers and dont know what to do in technical terms. I used to have a manager at Boeing very young who got angry at me for raising a red flag during a flight flutter test because of the tail showing a lot of vibration. Later he found out after Seattle people/Engineers told him that I was right along because we can see tail failures.

    This happens when wall street pushes for better and better profit and productivity reaches its peak. I was interested in flutter area and found almost all the Engineers had no perfect understanding of what they were doing. You see these are very difficult areas. Now Boeing has to do a lot more than just flutter. It realies on good Engineers and Managers. If the person has never cooked in the kitchen how is he/she to know how the food is being cooked.

    On the other hand many smart people came and worked at Boeing and Boeing has made tremendous know how how to make planes. I am afraid young and stupid arrogant Managers will lead to its downfall not only at Boeing but elsewhere, It is not a perfect world.

  10. So let's get this straight….
    Boeing designs a subsystem which reads one faulty AOA and imputs erroneous flight speed and stall warnings which then flies the aircraft into the ground by continuing to trim down the aircraft UNLESS the pilots realize what the fuck is going on in time to MANUALLY adjust trip in the midst of fighting their own plane.

    Firstly, it's not easy to manually adjust trim while flying, and especially not when your plane is flying you into the ground.

    Secondly, this software reads ONE incorrect data point and forces hard trim down….
    When all other data says you ARE NOT STALLING…
    On a clear sunny day, positive altitude, positive forward speed, and a dozen other data imputs well withing parameters of saftey… yet ONE error causes the plane to fight you into the ground.

    WTF were they thinking??

  11. So much deregulation going on, and Corporations acting bigger than GOVERNMENT means shit will happen! Corporations are God now, nobody watches Gods, nor questions them, People will be falling from the skies in increasing numbers not an eye lid batted nor compensation claimed.

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