Family Trapped In Broken Down Vehicle During Snow Storm | Living Dangerously | Wonder


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When freak weather hits the UK an extreme snowstorm leaves one family trapped inside their vehicle as temperatures plummet.

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Date: May 6, 2020

29 thoughts on “Family Trapped In Broken Down Vehicle During Snow Storm | Living Dangerously | Wonder

  1. It's amazing how much a little snow can disrupt the UK. As a kid it was vastly more common for me and no one bothered cause everyone could deal with it. Now on the other hand 20cm of snow become a life threatening thing…

  2. Every single one of these survival programmes leaves me bewildered with the stupidity and lack of foresight some people have. Not only did these three people go out into these freezing conditions without sufficient survival equipment, but they didn't even have equipment in their super truck for god's sake!

    Had they just had a saw, hatchet and fire starting & enhancing equipment they could have sawn the wooden fence posts and got a fire going. And if they had a metal container, they could have a hot drink too to keep their core temperature warm.

    Basic equipment to have in your vehicle:
    * Fire kit: lighter, waterproof matches, and ferrocieum rod + fire enhancing materials.
    * A bow saw, or folding saw
    * An axe or hatchet, or machete to split wood
    * A full tang knife
    * Metal container with wire to heat water, even an old tin
    * Warm, waterproof clothes: Marino wool base layers, wooden or quilt balaclava, gloves, thick socks, jacket, etc
    * Shovels
    * Tarpualine
    * Sleeping blanket, bedding
    * Head torches with batteries
    * Compass and local map
    * Spare medication
    * Waterproof note pad and pens, pencils
    * Whistle

    And learn survival skills.

  3. lmao…..snow storm in england…..that happens all the time in Canada, you just get it cleared, it snows….then its -30c the next day, and that goes on every year, for 3 months ….we call it recreational weather

  4. I love the Wonder story's about real survival, that doesn't repeat the story over and over again.this reminded me of the crappy US cable shows that made me kill my TV, and I'm out of TVs, SO clean up this show. get this video straight away to the editor, and splice the repeated seens out.

  5. Please Sir's & Ma'am's !"… Don't take this the wrong way" but"" I enjoy YOUR LONG VIDEOS 😊😉! THANK YOU very" Very much for them ! Your awesome and make the most outstanding Wonder videos ! It is really a delightful wonderful time i have well spent watching !. Thank you for uploading these videos all of them !. Sincerely Paul~. P.s.s~ i honestly don't mind the short ones ethers ! It's crafty & cleaver how you incorporated the stories into such a short time frame !. Compact ! But just as enjoyable !. Well" i must go . Please take very good care of yourselves ! Sincerely Paul~.

  6. I agree with one of the comments, the weather doesn't always kill people it's the stupid decisions that they make, if you're on medication make sure you always carry it with ya, if you have a vehicle make sure ya always have gas in it..ya can't control the weather but sometimes common sense will probably save ya Life 😉

  7. Would you please finish one story in its entire tea before skipping around to another? I find it very frustrating to be in the middle of a story and then jump to another tragedy I mean most of us don't have ADD

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