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How fast can you play a violin? World record is held by Ben Lee – who can play Flight of the Bumblebee in a 54.24 seconds.
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Date: September 30, 2021

44 thoughts on “Fastest violinist in the world – BBC News

  1. in 0.25 speed you can tell he's making so many mistakes and he's just doing random notes really fast :T


  2. For all them 2set people out there!
    Coulda ya plz just stop or turn it it down just a bit!
    It’s starting to get annoying and I’m feel like most of you are starting for forget that the whole 2set things just a big joke! And not to be taken very seriously!
    Of course the guys the fastest in the world! What the fastest talker in the worlds a fake! Cuz you can’t hear there voice make flaunt sentences and make sense?
    Or the fastest pitch in the worlds a fake cuz I didn’t see the ball?
    So what he has an extremely expensive violin! So what! I can have one if he wants! Ya bragging about it is a little annoying but still!
    Also daaa have you people seen 5 stringers before! There yes a little sub type of violin! So what!
    It’s also some not all but some of the comments are not for laughs but more just a little hateful or just taken to far!
    Remember it’s just a joke! Not to be taken seriously!
    And there’s a video out there where he plays it Infront of a Guinness judge and plays it back in some slow mo software! And that confirms it! And I don’t think he woulda made it onto bbc or other REAL news without being legit! He’s also a professional violinist!
    Remember the 2Set violin thing is and was a Big JOKE! Not to be taken seriously!
    And most definitely not an excuse to promote hate and disrespect!
    Keeps it funny and playful!
    Not hateful, supper critical and disrespectful! Especially if you don’t even want lay the violin or any orchestra or instrument for that matter!
    Everyone has there own options and thoughts! Don’t try to force yours onto someone else!
    P.s! Yes I play the violin and viola!

  3. I've never played violin in my life, but I reckon I could beat this guy's record if I was allowed to play the piece as inaccurately as he did.

  4. TwoSet went in on this dude so bad. They made him a meme: “If you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. That thing is One and A Half million dollar. I thought if a Stradivarius is millions of dollar and most violin from 1700 is around 280 thousand, then this jazzy looking violin would be about 50K, 50,000 usd would be a good price fr that, but nope I was wrong. One and a half. And he was so chill with it I thought oh It’s expensive but maybe not that expensive. WHAT that’s one and a half McLaren Senna in there, 3 Aventador SVs, and he’s holding it as if that’s a violin that is not that expensive… still mid-priced violin, I mean look at that made out of Kevlar and Carbon yet still armored in crystals… that is amazingly gorgeous beast of an instrument.

  6. That is the worst jazz face I’ve ever seen. He looks like he has nothing but confidence. No skill, not love, nothing. Throw him with his violin and confident into a war.

  7. If you ignore the fact that it's not a violin, most of the notes are missing and it's out of tune I really enjoy this.

  8. What the acual fu** was that.

    -Who is your favorite composer?
    -well i think that bach can play…

    _Do you get any critisism?


  9. What amazes me is that he really thinks he's playing, when he's missing 70% of the notes and slurring the ones that he plays.

  10. I mean, that guy certainly looks awesome not gonna lie.

    We will never give you up if you decide to really improve and play it legit

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