Father Teaches His Son a Valuable Lesson in Life | The Value of Honesty


37 thoughts on “Father Teaches His Son a Valuable Lesson in Life | The Value of Honesty

  1. No one taught me the value of honesty I learnt that on my own that was a part of my heart I was honest to most point to most people I only got one honest and said things to make myself look less than so that certain person I cared about didn't have to fear or what could come out my mouth I'm not playing this no more I'm out of here and I appreciate the things that people did

  2. Now what is happening in my place, like this they prove really honest , ultimately proof his honest people ready to give large sum of amount, that is end of the story , there will not any trace to this type of people act as honest,

  3. I have a bad name at work for always trying to do the right thing and sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble and I get shifted to another department. I ave only been there a short time, 22 years.
    I have seen them come and go and come back again and it always makes me wonder how the can be so dis loyal as to leave when the company has given them so much over the years. I have many good people who like working with me and they are the people I care about and team work well with. Even so far as to go out of my way for them. The others don't exist.

  4. My dad would always teach me with his thick leather belt. He would give me a beat down. Its what most kids need today in this age, a good ole ass whipping, it will do them sum good for years to come, It did me, im a better man today in my 50s.

  5. Indeed these values are slowly being eroded. I believe through my logical deduction that if or once these values are gone we will be gone too our race will be extinct. I for one have followed what your dad taught you and I've never recieved any less respect anywhere.

  6. That why when anyone lends you a dime or nickle please remember the people who helped you in the time of need . Never forget honestly . Life may send us lemons but what goes around comes around. 😇😇

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