FC Union Berlin: 'A rebellious football club in a rebellious city'


BBC Sport’s Football Focus visits Bundesliga side FC Union Berlin, a “rebellious” football club from East Berlin with a special set of fans, playing their first season in Germany’s top flight 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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FC Union Berlin: ‘A rebellious football club in a rebellious city’


Date: October 14, 2020

46 thoughts on “FC Union Berlin: 'A rebellious football club in a rebellious city'

  1. as an old supporter seeing this documentary i had to cry like a baby, but that is one of our sides ! we are normal, we are loud, we are lovin, we are proud, we are union crowd 😉

  2. Respect from Australia.
    Our sports clubs usto be local and know leagues have ruined and taken over by Yankee franchises. I wish we could return to local footy!

  3. It's all well and good and nice. Community and all. But at the end of the day, all these people, who talk about community and family, they don't go and change anything in society. They hide themselves in watching grown men kicking the ball for 90 mins. They attached their community sense to fooball (basically, fun game, fun activity but nothing much else). They hide in football, seeking for the sense of community and family that was lost or getting lost in our capitalist society (where everything must be turned into valorised commodity). But these football fans they don't, instead, go and change society (change mode of production that makes our society miserable and alienated) and re-establish the sense of community in society. Instead all they do is hiding in watching grown men kicking the ball for 90 mins. Watching football won't change society for good. Society will continue to crumble and people continue to get alienated, everything will turn into Disney Land and Wallmarts while all those community loving Union fans keep watching football.

  4. Was this a collaboration with copa90, or why did these two channels publish very similar videos using the same football historian expert over the course of 1 week

  5. Seit ich 6 Jahre alt war, war ich Fan vom FC Bayern – nehmt mir das nicht übel, aber das ist halt so. Jetzt sehe ich Union Berlin wo Fans das Eigene Stadion bauen. Das hat damals in München auch so angefangen. Ich wünsche dem FC Union und allen seinen Mitgliedern und Fans von Herzen das allerbeste für die Zukunft. Bleibt wie ihr seid. Bleibt die Eisernen – und tretet gelegentlich den Anderen in den Arsch, damit Sie auch mal wissen wo Sie herkommen.

  6. I went to the last game of the season 5 years ago and let me tell you there is no other fotball stadium like this one! So much noice. You really need to visit to understand what these fans are all about.

  7. I never really had a favourite German club. Until now.
    Much respect from Leeds MOT (Marching on together, or Zusammen marschieren)

  8. "Rebellious club", are you joking. – This is a club of opportunists, starting with its President, formerly 100% in line with the communist East German society. – Berlin has other clubs to offer!

  9. waving the official flag of austria (seen around 0:110:12) seems a bit weird, given that this is a club in berlin, germany. also it's possibly illegal.

  10. There's absolutely no love lost between us (BFC Dynamo) and them but they are were they are on merit, so credit where credit is due.

  11. Stand on the terrace have a pint supporting your local team the Germans are living the football dream. Sadly English football isn’t the same an is slowly dying

  12. I’m a Hamburg supporter but this club… I really like them especially after that one season in the same league.
    Union is very unique in Germany

  13. Also bei dei diesem Platzsturm zum Aufstieg in die erste Liga erinner ich mich hauptsächlich an die in den Gästeblock geschossen/geworfene Pyrotechnik.

  14. I was born in Berlin, so please don't pay attention to spelling. (English is not quite so mine) I've been going to union since I'm half a year old and that's never going to change because union isn't a normal football club because you're like a family on game days, whether it's a player, coach, folder or fan… you're just one of them. That's what I love so much and will always love!


  15. 2016-'17: Urs Fischer wins the Swiss championship / cup double with FC Basel and is let go despite his success. Basel hasn't won the championship since.
    2018-19: Urs Fischer is the low key manager hire at Union Berlin; he guides the club to their first ever promotion to the Bundesliga after defeating VfB Stuttgart in the play-offs.
    2019-'20: Urs Fischer and Union currently sit in 11th place (out of 18 teams), just ahead of city rival Hertha BSC, with 4 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses.

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