Female Sprinters Claim Starter Block Cameras Capture Intimate Images


https://madamenoire.com/1103544/starter-block-cameras-female-sprinters/In addition to being concerned about speed, form, and winning, female sprinters have to think about what type of images the cameras will capture. According to The Daily Mail , several female athletes have complained about the close-up cameras at the World Athletics Championships. She continued, “I find it very uncomfortable climbing over this camera in skimpy running clothes to go to the starting block.” According to the the International Association of Athletics Federation, the new cameras were said to grant unprecedented access to audiences. According to CNN , after the protests from German sprinters, the images from the cameras will be censored.


Date: October 6, 2019

7 thoughts on “Female Sprinters Claim Starter Block Cameras Capture Intimate Images

  1. I bet a man introduced this stupid idea, so he can go do playbacks to whack his willy but then for the association to sign it off as ok is just sexist. Goes to show that SEX SELLS AND PERVERTED MEN WILL WATCH

  2. What's wrong with seeing their skimpy outfits " pum pum" prints?? So what…..if they're feeling uneasy about the camera view they should wear more clothing like the Muslim girl athletes…..it's just that simple!

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