Fifa World Cup 2018 launch trailer – BBC Sport


Watch the Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russia, live across the BBC from 14th June.

Music: Oche Cheryne. Performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra featuring Sir John Tomlinson. Arranged by Alex Baranowski.

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Date: May 16, 2020

47 thoughts on “Fifa World Cup 2018 launch trailer – BBC Sport

  1. Je suis en train de regarder la finale sur la BBC, j'ai rarement vu des journalistes d'aussi mauvaise foi. Qu'ils n'aiment ni la France ni l'équipe de France, soit, mais qu'ils se gardent ça pour eux et fassent leur boulot proprement à la télé. La gelée à la menthe ça détruit le cerveau.

  2. Why is this not the into to every World Cup program? Far better than what is being played. BBC missed a trick.

    If it was changed now no one would even know and it would be far more exciting.

  3. Love it! Especially the end part showing Messi and Ronaldo running towards each other, as if they both know that this is their final World Cup tournament for them to leave their mark forever.

  4. Typical BBC. Nothing positive about England (the country). Maradona taking our defence apart, Gascoigne crying after getting booked, Lampard's dissalowed 'goal'. Where's Geoff Hurst's Winner? Platt's wonder goal against Belgium? 18 year old Owen's worldie against Argentina? It's disgusting, and it has undertones of subliminal message politics, which they can't leave alone!

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