Fireball falling from Arizona sky caught on camera


46 thoughts on “Fireball falling from Arizona sky caught on camera

  1. Wow….!!! I found this video while searching to see if anyone had already posted what I saw almost 2 hours ago, Saturday, 6/6/20 @ 2:13 am.

    It was amazing, strange, eerie, and yet beautiful at the same time. I began to pray that it wasn't an aircraft that burst into flames in mid air, then proceeded to plummet down Diagonally, and at a very fast speed. Though I hadn't found anything out yet, I felt led to report my sighting.

  2. Companies have billions of dollars to put at risk for new projects in space. Like Ellen musk's SpaceX project. Check out his satellite train on youtube. Or just some type of meteorite to dont know for sure

  3. This is just the beginning. This is the SIGN from Al Mighty God, that the gate for end of times will be opened.
    The biggest war or FEARS in the world has just started, COVID 19, clean up the world.
    The anti christ will be here soon. No one of you capable to argue him, his great magic will lead you all in the wrong way.
    He can rise a man from the death, cure sick people, make a rain, bring you food, and everything you "WANT".
    The anti christ will fight God defender "the holly black flag" from the EAST.
    No, it will starts very soon, be prepared !!!

  4. I saw something similar a few years ago but it was green it looked like it was leaving the atmosphere. It was towards Tuscon and it was never reported on the news or any media outlets. I thought I'd never see anything like it again until now.

  5. Worry of the dimming of Betelgeuse. . .Worry more if you are not Christ. . . Worry of billions Obama gave Iran, as with it, a weapon from K-129 finds itself in a truck parked in D.C.
    Worry for those who did not listen. . . Worry whether I am right or wrong, for inside already you know that I am not wrong. . . . . . .

  6. Videos of an "apparent meteor", then states oh you won't find a piece of it, how convenient. Let's be honest, WHO CARES… you morons care about lights in the sky and believe in aliens, but when someone tells you that God is real and that you have evidence that there is zero curvature to the surface of the Earth, all the sudden it's skepticism time… You people are intellectual sloths, too lazy to THINK and let the "news" and so-called "experts" tell you what to think. Public school is an absolute atrocity.

  7. More like they're trying to find it to make some decent money. Meteors are $$$$. Then again, people are stupid so I guess most of them wouldn't know that.

  8. Acting surprised like there wasn't another one a couple weeks ago that created a sonic boom. I've been seeing tons of them here in So Cal too coming in at low angles from west to east.

  9. they dropped the virus off in china last year, now they're dropping it off in zona this year. that's a good thing, no wait, a bad thing, they're all gonna come to california.

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