Firefighter Shoots, Kills Neighbor Over Loud Music


“A former firefighter who shot dead his neighbour and wounded two others over loud music they were playing at a birthday party has claimed he acted in self defense – and that his home video proves it. Raul Rodriguez, who has been charged with the murder of elementary school teacher Kelly Danaher, presented the 22-minute video as evidence in his trial, which is underway in Houston, Texas. In the video, Rodriguez can be heard on the phone to police as he begins walking towards the house, with a gun and flashlight in his hand – perhaps a sign he expected the situation to escalate…”.* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from The Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2156110/Video-shows-firefighter-gunned-neighbour-loud-music-acted-self-defense.html#ixzz1xAQ1J0Gg

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Date: December 5, 2019

44 thoughts on “Firefighter Shoots, Kills Neighbor Over Loud Music

  1. I would like to introduce a subject that may be relative to why people react so negatively to loud noise. There are some phobias people have about being subjected to loud noises and rude neighbors.

    One of these conditions is known as misophonia and the other as phonophobia. Some loud noises, e.g., extremely loud music, firecrackers, etc. can trigger very negative reactions in people who are sensitive to disruptive, loud noise.

    I have experienced problems with noisy neighbors, e.g., loud t.v. sets, loud music, etc. My experience has been that some people just don't seem to care if they bother their neighbors.

    I am not suggesting that anyone resort to violence or the use of firearms to threaten the noisemakers, but I do understand that the noise places them in a furious state of mind because they are forced to endure the inconsiderate actions of others.

    CIVILITY: in our current political and national discourse, civility has gone out the window. We have a POTUS who uses obscene terminology all the time, is extremely rude, insulting, immoral, etc. He is also aided and abetted by Republicans who support all of his gross misconduct and lawlessness and uncivil conduct.

    The bar is so low now that it's reaching to the depths of Hell. People trample on the rights of others in partisan bickering and grandstanding. We have a Russian-installed POTUS who is doing as much as he can to cause irreparable damage to our democracy,.

    Trump is doing Putin's bidding to undermine American democracy to the point where it can devolve into utter chaos, confusion, no rule of law, riots, et. This would make the U.S. vulnerable to enemy nations that want to transform our democracy into a Dictatorship.

    Therefore, it is up to people of good moral character and patriotism to step up and fight to preserve our republic, which is being attacked from within by Trump, his criminal cabinet, the Republicans and extreme alt-right media, e.g. FOX NEWS.

    Engage and support the immediate impeachment of Trump's and his band of criminals before it's too late. RETURN THE U.S. TO A NATION THAT OBSERVES AND DEFENDS THE RULE OF LAW; IS CIVIL, SERVES, PRESERVERS AND DEFENDS THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.


  2. It doesn't matter if the dead is elementary school teacher or not. This news should focus on the fact that they were noisy and refused to talk in an acceptable way.

  3. Jackass TYT know nothing about reality. His life absolutely in danger. The guys came with weapons with no other reason than to commit violence. Then they threatened to go get guns and shoot him. He absolutely deserved to die.

  4. he shouldve just went in the house and call the cops for the loud music. the teacher didnt even flitch with a gun pointed at him. lol serious balls. i didnt flitch either had a gun pointed in my face lol

  5. Danaher was a great man. I'll never forget when he said "HA HA HA HA HA! AH HA HA HA HAH! BANG UHhhhhh…. gurgle………". Judging by his picture and job as a PE teacher I'd be willing to bet that there were more than a few nerds that he picked on in high school that danced a jig after he got taken out. The dude looked like a bully.

  6. Looks to me that the end of the video there was a struggle. Who was laughing the camera shook, you can clearly hear a Doppler effect from the guy laughing. So it appears he was charged by the neighbor and forced to react.

    And YES loud music does create a stress response and is perceived as an attack by the brain of people who do not desire it. So when our neighbor blasts his shit loudly, he is literally assaulting you, and you have the right to stop it. If the police ignore you and peaceful means are exhausted, or you cannot get help dealing with it legally, you are left with no choice sometimes but to activate your 2nd amendment right to get results. Its unfortunate, but the solution to this kind of private nuisance is to provide better means to prevent it from getting that far. NOT throw a guy in jail.

  7. Im a gun owner and I can tell you if I stuck around and kept prodding the situation and flashing my gun like the idiot recording the video, and then shot and killed a visibly unarmed man to death I would expect to go to prison for the rest of my life as I would have set up a faux-justifiable shooting and murdered someone, assuming someone with even 60 seconds of training in investigation would see right through my facade. Those neighbors were punks but they had no deadly weapons on them and they posed no immediate danger. The shooter wanted to shoot and was tired of them so he set it all up preparing for a defense. he knew the dispatch call and all his statements of feeling threatened would be available for his defense, and he knew that making repeated statements about the neighbors owning guns would further obfuscate and muddy the waters in his benefit. in most places this would have blown up in his face but apparently the hick joke town he lives in is full of idiots and incompetence including easily duped judges that released him for a new trial. P.O.S. like him make the rest of us responsible and SANE gun owners look bad, and are going to ultimately someday cost us all the remaining gun rights we have left if crap like this keeps happening. Gun owners, pick your battles and don't stick up for people like this. He isn't representative of us and sticking up for him just makes you look like a nutjob too. Just because he owns a gun doesn't give him a pass from us to be a violent criminal, quite the contrary actually.

  8. I don't understand, if someone keeps saying they're so "afraid", why does he keep standing there rather than go back in his house? The last thing I'm going to do if I'm scared is stand there and keep arguing with the people I'm frightened of. I feel like people are doing this because they feel that this stand your ground law is their opportunity to get to shoot someone they don't like or have been having an ongoing feud with.

  9. stand your ground laws just showed what is in the hearts of Americans and its murder God will judge these wicked people. and the wicked people are regular people like this fireman scary the bible is right mans heart is wicked. This fireman that killed a unarmed man was a model citizen but God knew the mans heart he a evil murderer the stand your ground law just revealed it

  10. What they don't talk about is that Rodriguez had called 911 several times that night.
    Police had come over and then left.  Mr. Rodriguez had a sick wife at home and tried to keep calmness in the nieghborhood. Funny how they don't show what was really happening and how immature the other people were acting.

  11. In Texas, the law as written, would have convicted the fireman with the gun. He began the incident and was the proximate cause of the violence. The jury would probably not see it as drunk ruffians out to threaten his life. People who think the "stand your ground" law gives them free license to start a fight then kill, better think again in Texas.

  12. He had ever right to defend himself from a drunk ass stupid law breaking teacher the left tries to paint ever aggressor who gets shot as a choir boy they would rather I get killed for nothing and libtarded asholes get away with it. Sorry not happening.

  13. School teacher??? How do they hire a piece of shit like that to teach? Glad they shot that piece of shit and these two stupid annoying young turks need to get deported already back to the shithole that they come from. 

  14. He's in fear for his life but he is the one who went to the VICTIM'S HOUSE? How can you go looking for a fight them use the self defense excuse? No, this was murder plain and simple. Rodriguez knew exactly what to say and to do to try and get away with murder by using the self defense excuse. Freaking sick if you ask me.

  15. Cenk is 100% correct he was setting up an excuse for him to pull the trigger. But another 100% truth to this is that the teacher never should have charged him even as a joke, because he may not have shot if that didn't happen and they all agreed to go their separate ways from the time he pulled the gun out.

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