Footage shows US troops trying to escape Niger ambush


Drone footage of a militant ambush in Niger that killed four US and five Nigerien service personnel shows the soldiers desperately trying to escape. Later they are seen being fired upon by friendly forces who mistook them for the enemy.
It shows how the fleeing troops set up a quick defensive location on the edge of a swamp and, thinking they were about to die, wrote messages home to their loved ones
US forces desperately try to escape Niger ambush


Date: December 5, 2019

25 thoughts on “Footage shows US troops trying to escape Niger ambush

  1. The fact they left their fellow comrades behind is a disgrace… they alone with the fire power they had/training and held a position would of fought off and killed these terrorist.. IMO this is fear of their leader being afriad of DYING. They failed their oath and leadership and should be held accountable for… YOU NEVER LEAVE A FALLEN COMRADE, NEVER QUIT, AND SHALL ALL ALWAYS PLAVE THE MISSION FIRST!!! Rip to 4 US SF SOILDERS WHO KEPT THAT OATH SO WE CAN LIVE THE LIFE WE LIVE TODAY… EVEN IF YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH IT

  2. Subsaharian African continent combat was never undestood by americans. Small units there are very and sometimes extremely aggressive. Local small team leaders have untrained but very loyal and rugged footsoldiers at their disposal, who mostly know their terrain. They are not dumb, mostly are veterans in tribal unconventional warfare.

  3. People are just hating cuz they simply know the US is best in all,doesn’t matter if the US fails once or twice ,in the end we always win ,and even haters would love to move to the US but they can’t cuz they suck

  4. for all saying these soldiers were cowards, i would love everyone to be in the same situation and win, they got cut off, no reinforcements, and the enemy had far superior fire power, and lets not forget it was an ambush you cant be ready for them

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