Former "Love Island" Host Caroline Flack Found Dead at Age 40 | E! News


The former host of U.K. reality TV shows “The X Factor” & “Love Island” is found dead in her London flat at the age of 40. Get the shocking details here.

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Former “Love Island” Host Caroline Flack Found Dead at Age 40 | E! News


Date: October 14, 2020

20 thoughts on “Former "Love Island" Host Caroline Flack Found Dead at Age 40 | E! News

  1. She shouldn't have attacked her boyfriend. There are people out there, real people because they are brave to have an illness or a disability which could kill them. She had a chance to live, but they haven't. It is/was selfish of her to kill herself.

  2. I know nothing of substance about Caroline, I heard she hit her bf that’s about it.. but it looks like her BF did not hate her over it and said people should leave her be.. maybe people should have listened to him.. it’s extremely sad when people commit suicide, I wish she had not done that because I know she must have suffered incredibly and I sympathize.. I say that as a men’s rights activist yes, women should stop the hypocrisy and stop hitting men. But please protect anyone you think may be vulnerable she was no murderer she made a mistake she is human.. take the fears expressed by those close to you seriously. very seriously. Help anyone who is sad forgive their wrongs unless it’s rape or murder and make sure you don’t just believe accusers until there is enough evidence people do lie.. anyone who is suicidal is already tired of hearing “get help” give them all the help you can give them reasons to live don’t just use words take action.

  3. The CPS "witch hunters" too many women out there are getting away with bad disgusting violent behaviour just because their women, hunt those witches down

  4. This is a symptom of the paps behaviour as a result of 'the more scandalous the picture, the more we pay for a story'.
    Paps will taunt and physically attempt to anger celebs in order to get 'that' photo which will make them the big dollars. They don't care abou tthe welfare of their targets, they only care about the resultant money.
    So basically it's companies which run this YT channel that are responsible for the resultant welfare of the celebs who are literally cajoled and harassed to breaking point.
    The reason we see so much is well.. supply and demand. I was just looking up Masterchef results of the past and came across this.
    The internet has made media very accessible and hence the news of anyone's death or scandal travels ten times faster than news did in the past.
    Scandals are just as quickly forgotten before somene else becomes the target of paps and news media.

  5. I have been ripped apart because of what people have said about me because of a mistake I made I was feeling down u should NEVER EVER hurt someone because they are down. I think the people who said what they said should be changed with her suicide. Because if I had killed my self u would be 1000 percent charged my family doesn’t play around

  6. This why harry and megan left UK and their roles. The depths the press go to to just get a pic is unbelievable and some people online have such bitter tongues and no empathy

  7. A pretty celebrity comments suicide and people are trying to pass laws.
    The biggest killer of men under 40 is suicide and no one bats a eye. Shows how truly shallow people are!

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