FOUND! Incredibly Rare Turtle!


**Our tv show BRAVE THE WILD premieres on Animal Planet Sunday, Feb 9 at 9pm! Tune in!**

On this special combination episode, Coyote and Mario find the Blanding’s turtle — a super rare find! They also help out the turtle population by cleaning up an Erie Island habitat!

Get ready to watch the team find one INCREDIBLY rare turtle!

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Date: February 14, 2020

49 thoughts on “FOUND! Incredibly Rare Turtle!

  1. Hey Coyote, Do you think you could do a manta ray episode? They're my absolute favorite animal, And it makes me sad to see how many people believe that manta rays are venomous and have a stinger.

  2. A species of turtle that I personally would love to see featured on Brave Wilderness would be the African Softshell Turtle (also known as the Nile softshell Turtle), scientifically known as Trionyx triunguis. The genus Trionyx could date back as far as 130 million years ago to the early Cretaceous of the UK as there are fossils from the Wessex Formation that quite possibly represent a new species of Trionyx! It would be a very hard animal to go after though it is very endangered, probably quite dangerous and very big. However, if it were to feature on Brave Wilderness it could be the oldest genus of turtle featured on the Brave Wilderness channel! I really love the African softshell Turtle and I do think it requires more attention in order to save this living relic of a giant turtle.

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