Four women brawl in Leicester Square in front of an astonished crowd


Four women were caught on camera brawling on the pavement in the middle of the West End in front of an astonished crowd who were loving every punch.The footage was recorded outside the Shake Shack in Leicester Square, London, at around 4pm on Saturday.In the video, three women can be seen sat on the floor outside a shop as a fourth stands in front of them.  The group, who appear to be dressed for a day-out, begin to shout and point fingers at each other as tensions escalate. The woman in the red coat, who has been standing up, continues to lean forward and loom over the others before shouting: ‘You fat c***’.Suddenly, the woman with blonde hair launches up toward her but is pulled back down to the ground by her friend who shouts at her to stop. A man wearing a brown leather coat and stetson-style hat walks toward the women before standing in between them in an attempt to prevent further conflict.But the row continues and once again the blonde woman gets to her feet as she tries to square up to the woman in the red coat. She shouts towards the man who has intervened and says: ‘Move out of the way.’He stands his ground but suddenly the woman in the red coat darts from behind him and races towards the blonde woman.  Share this article Share The blonde woman launches a furious tirade of punches at her opponent which knocks her bag out of her hand.The stunned crowd can be heard gasping excitedly in the background as dozens more people join the circle around the screaming females.  The man who had tried to prevent the fight escalating grabs the blonde woman around the waist before all three tumble to the ground.The blonde woman’s dress flares up to expose her underwear but she appears to be undeterred and continues to pull her opponent’s hair.She wraps hers legs around the woman in the red coat as the third and fourth in the group walk over to join the action.One of them grabs the woman in the red coat from behind as the other shouts ‘stop it’ repeatedly.  The man who has been embroiled in the row from the beginning decides to call it a day.He scoops his hat off of the floor that was knocked off during the scrap and walks away from the brawl.  The camera pans round to the crowd who are laughing and enjoying the free entertainment in the theatre district.The brawl continues for several minutes before she adds: ‘Oh my god! Why is everyone filming? It’s not a f****** film show, is it? You’re in London!’She then turns to the pair still brawling before saying: ‘Get up! We’re going!’ The pair are eventually separated and roll away from each other, which is where the video ends. Four women brawl in Leicester Square in front of an astonished crowd


Date: February 20, 2020

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