French Facebook cyber-bullying group targeting women exposed – BBC News Review


Several French media executives and journalists have been suspended or fired because of their alleged involvement with a Facebook group used to bully female colleagues online. Reports say the closed group, called League of LOL, ridiculed women for years, cracking jokes about rape culture and targeting women with pornographic memes. Its founder, the journalist Vincent Glad, apologised on Twitter.

Key words and phrases
boys’ club
situation or group controlled by men and often excluding others

• My office is one big boys’ club. They don’t promote you based on skill.
• People realise diversity is important now, so it’s less of a boys’ club at work.

made fun of (someone) in an unkind way

• The class ridiculed Jacques for his mispronunciation of English verbs.
• Celebrities who behave stupidly on camera get ridiculed on social media.

turns sour
becomes unpleasant

• If I were you, I’d sell your shares before your investment turns sour.
• If your neighbours are noisy, your relationship with them can turn sour.

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Date: August 29, 2019

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  2. Also it would be interesting if you covered what's happening in Korea on women's protest for not to be a victim of pornography taken by ordinary men. Thank you for this incredible video!

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