Fugitive Tracked By Marshals Onto Shipping Boat | Alaska Marshals | Wonder


With sub-zero temperatures, tough terrain, and endless space. The Alaskan wilderness is the perfect place to hide if you’re running from the law. We join the Alaska Marshals as they track down the fugitives who reside in the tundra.

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Date: June 3, 2020

43 thoughts on “Fugitive Tracked By Marshals Onto Shipping Boat | Alaska Marshals | Wonder

  1. The blonde lady isn't too smart in my opinion. I would hate to be on her team. She went into the house and started calling for the fugitive… Give the man a heads up so he can grab a weapon and go out with a bang.. good idea lady smh

  2. criminal politicians kill millions around the world, steal fortunes of weak nations use depleted uranium weapons etc…. not the marshals or whatever do them nothing, spending all his effort and money for a hungry guy stole a punch of dollars or possessed a few grams of narcotics

  3. You people r pathetic!! All the real criminals r your bosses! And feds! And in all gov departments!! So stop acting like your really doing something!! Just remember when the true lord god of this world who created the heavens and earth begins his wrath! You guys and all your BS!! Will come to a screeching hault!! Its count down time!!!!!

  4. Entertaining show , but point blank….. people that don’t want to be found …ARE NOT FOUND!! I didn’t see them catch anybody out in the bush. You know, The guys that didn’t go back to the girlfriends house and didn’t tell anybody where they were. Yeah those guys. They should rename the show… how to catch a dumb fugitive.

  5. As I said in a comment below…"The Marshall's always get their man"…BS…there are about 2-3 million un-served warrants for violent crimes in NCIS. This show is Hollywood production propaganda…and that's from a prior cop.

  6. Thompson looks white to me. How can you say that he matches the description of the shooter in Tomah, Wisconsin and the guy at the hotel was black. I think you guys are color blind. Terrible felony stop tactics.

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