Full Documentary Creatures of the Deep Ocean Wildlife National Geographic


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Date: August 22, 2019

21 thoughts on “Full Documentary Creatures of the Deep Ocean Wildlife National Geographic

  1. Well thats probably why and how the ocean holds 4/5animals in the world….bcuz theyre too deep to get to.
    Give it a minute tho!! Man will definitely figure out how to reach them,n bfor too long, we'll kill them too, or at least destroy their natural habitat. Dont blink! We're professionals at fukn up things that were naturally created billions of years ago🤬😤😡smdh grrr!

  2. Can't get my head around the fact that we need enormously thick metal machines to go down there and survive against the enormous pressure yet it is full of delicate, soft and even transparent little creatures! What are the biology/chemistry/physics involved that allows them to not succumb to this pressure??

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