Fully vaccinated US & EU travellers can bypass quarantine in England


Fully vaccinated travellers from the United States and European Union can arrive in England without quarantining from 2 August.

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Date: September 18, 2021

46 thoughts on “Fully vaccinated US & EU travellers can bypass quarantine in England

  1. Now I see why the world hates America they bully the world and never reciprocate back to countries that have supported them. This is not about the fraudulent virus anymore this is political, UK and EU should boycott America & there citizens till they reciprocate the same treatment..Biden taking the piss.

  2. President Biden has STOPPED all FULLY vaccinated UK and EUROPEAN holiday makers from entering the USA so we should be finding halting and sending back ANY and AMERICANS back to the USA…sorry Biden wants to stop all FULLY vaccinated UK holiday makers having
    our holidays and escaping? We should be sending ALL Americans back

  3. We should NOT be allowing FULLY vaccinated people from the USA or anywhere else in to the UK when those countries will NOT allow FULLY vaccinated UK citizens into their countries.
    When President Biden slammed ALL international travel corridors closed for FULLY vaccinated UK or EUROPEAN holiday makers

  4. This was always the plan….no vacs no freedom……watch this space…..how many underlying health issues the vacs cause in a couple of years….especially with your ANNUAL booster cocktails.

  5. The travel ban to the US was ended by President Trump just prior to leaving office and was re-imposed by the Biden Administration

  6. Lol but the vax doesnt prevent transmission or infection….just lessens the effects….so what this means is there will be thousands of potentially asymptomatic people roaming around…..😊😊😊😊

  7. Imagine paying hundreds of pounds for tests that don't actually work 😂😂😂😂😂, it's sooooooo gold, got to shield from that narnia variant lool

  8. Discrimination. The right thing to do, let the ones vaccinated transport the virus as they like. But not the ones that are not jabbed.
    This Noris is useless.

  9. How does a vaccinated person not spread COVID? I am still searching for the truth that a vaccinated person cannot spread COVID.

  10. So double jabbed people cannot spread the virus can they not?…
    This is all about control and we all know it, anyway we'll be going into another lock down come autumn blaming it new variants, increase infection rates etc. Its all so predictable #agenda21

  11. I'm vaccinated too and not travelling to UK just because of Hotel quarantine.
    UK Govt should review it's decision for Pakistan as well

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