Generous Greek grandmother opens her home to Syrians – BBC News


An 82-year-old grandmother in Idomeni has opened her home to some of those fleeing violence to try and reach Europe.

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Date: September 10, 2019

30 thoughts on “Generous Greek grandmother opens her home to Syrians – BBC News

  1. This is beautiful but stupid in few l.
    Here people in Greek are in crisis. Suffering
    Feed your self first fully so you can help them later..Nd borders not be open
    I’m Eritrean American. Sleep while ur door is open then tell me how it feel .

  2. Αυτή η γυναίκα κάνει το θέλημα του Θεού !!! Ο Ιησούς το είπε, όταν δίνετε στους αδελφούς σας που έχουν ανάγκη, Αυτοί είναι μήνες που το κάνετε! Θα έχει θησαυρό στον ουρανό !! Alelluia !! Alelluia !!

  3. This woman does the will of God !!! Jesus said it, when you give to your brothers who are in need, These are months that you do it !!! She will have treasure in the sky !! Alelluia !! Alelluia !!

  4. The friendship among the Syrian and Greek peoples dates back thousands of years. Syria welcomed thousands of Greeks throughtout the ages for various reasons. Love to Greece and its kind people from a Syrian.

  5. Muslim Brothers Dont Bite the hand that feeds you you must return to your homeland before it is to late أعزائي الإخوان المسلمين ، يجب أن تعودوا إلى وطنكم قبل أن يفوت الأوان لإعادة بناء دولكم العظيمة والدهشة من أجلكم

  6. Understandable from a communist.
    But my question is why don’t the rich do the same actors singers etc they have homes that have 10 20 rooms. She is helping the destruction of my nation.

  7. In every culture and religion we have the good and the bad. But with all honestly speaking, the Muslim faith can not coexist with the west! For one example. It’s illegal to be gay in a Muslim country. Now I know even in the west there is homophobia, but at least you will not end up in jail !!!

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