Geography Now! Albania


Playing “I spy” with War bunkers?
“Nodding” your head to say “No?”

Oh and I forgot to mention Mother Theresa was Albanian.


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Date: December 3, 2019

38 thoughts on “Geography Now! Albania

  1. The red part of the flag is actually the blood of the people that died in WW2 and the tow headed eagle is to show that we are all equal no matter what
    By, your fellow Abanian friend.
    Pjesa e kuqe e flamurit është në të vërtetë gjaku i njerëzve që vdiqën në Luftën e Dytë Botërore dhe shqiponja me kokë tërheqëse është të tregojë që të gjithë jemi të barabartë pa marrë parasysh çfarë
    Nga, shoku yt abanian.

  2. jobless greek prosfig monitoring youtube videos and then jumping to troll and spam. you try to be a sneaky greek but as a modern greek you should know that not all Albanians are muslim. because the modern greeks worship as heroes the christian Albanian warriors of Morea.

  3. modern greek prosfig people try to claim Europe as abrahamic because the modern greek identity is based from the same abrahamic ideology as muslims/orthodox and jews.

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