Geography Now! Algeria


French friends?
Desert lakes?
Freedom fighters?

Find out more on episode 3 of GEOGRAPHY NOW! Featuring ALGERIA!!



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Date: January 18, 2020

23 thoughts on “Geography Now! Algeria

  1. I think you should do another épisode about algeria. Things are very different now and a lot of things has changed now. And i thing that this épisode is kinda poor compare to other episodes.

  2. STOP for ARABIZATION. Stop for racism against berbers in Algeria.
    They should teach berber language in schools.
    The passport should be in two languages, the anthem also e.g. in South Africa, a hymn is sung in 5 languages, in New Zealand in two Maori and English for tolerance and respect for a different culture
    I hope it will change, however, I doubt it.

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