Geography Now! CONGO (Democratic republic)


Here we go! Our first set of twin countries. The CONGOS are here! Let’s talk about the big guy first.



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Date: September 21, 2019

33 thoughts on “Geography Now! CONGO (Democratic republic)

  1. Another nother fun fact… most of the fighting was as a result of the Cold War. Russia and the USA each backed different leaders at at time where there was political instability in the country and as a result there was decades of war. All this also stemmed from the fact that Belgium never prepared them for independence. In most African countries when the colonial power left they made sure the country had a leader, a constitution and government and so on. But in Congo they were just like 'alright guys, we're leaving… y'all can sort yourselves out'

  2. King Leopold would give the native a ridiculous quota of rubber that they were supposed to harvest. If the people did not deliver the required quota, he cut off their hands (one hand) and required them to still deliver the same amount of rubber. Children included.

  3. I'm Caribbean. I often share regional music with my friend from Gabon. He can almost always tell with pinpoint accuracy what part of Africa each musical style is from. Ive learned to distinguish them thanks to his help.

    For example: Calypso is clearly a Ghanaian rhythm. Merengue appears to be closer to Nigerian, etc.

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