Geography Now! MYANMAR


This episode is not just “Myanmar” it’s “Our-anmar” Enjoy
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Date: September 9, 2019

41 thoughts on “Geography Now! MYANMAR

  1. Buddhism, rubies, a weird measuring system and alien bubbles. Get ready for #MYANMAR! Thanks to all the Burmese/ Myanma geograpeeps that helped with this video. ALSO thanks to Kaleb, Jilian, Noah, Keith and Ken (Follow them!)
    And FINALLY THANKS to you guys that submitted for #Geograbee2019! Still taking submissions until the end of January!

  2. If you show Chinese and Pakistani occupied sides on India with pink colour then you should show the disputed territories with China also in pink. Also arunanchal is India.
    If you show occupied parts in pink that's still fine but arunanchal is India. Cmon.

  3. My grand fathers younger brother was there in second world war… he had a tough time. He used to tell us all the happenings at the bed time. Once he got shot in the forehead but luckily the bullet did not penetrate his helmet. he came back after 4 years being there.

  4. I m imprecating Myanmar as they r doing the beastly activities to their Rohingya people. They not only doing inhuman activities but also make our lives in more uncertainties by bringing efflux of Rohingyas to our country.
    Go to hell Myanmar.. I wish u would be.. From Bangladesh

  5. In Sanskrit, We call Myanmar as Brahma Desh ( Kingdom of Lord Brahma) Lord Brahma is party of Ultimate trinity of Hindu faith.
    -Brahma ( the creator)
    – Vishnu ( the regulator )
    – Shiva ( the destroyer )


    ♡Burma from India.

  6. I love Myanmar 🇲🇲 💕

    Every Buddhist country is a precious jewel that must be protected and iterated to be prosperous and influential. The world would be a better place with Buddhism philosophy.

    I wish for them so much prosperity. I hope their government will be smart and wise enough to follow the examples of Hong Kong, Uruguay and the UAE. That they Know how to take advantage of their territory and make their country a place of prosperity that, one day, be one of the lights of the world.

    Te quiero, Myanmar. Greetings from México 🇲🇽

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