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  1. Nicarag-whaaaaa? Yep It's here. Volcanoes, Poetry, Ghost women, and a very…intense form of Spanish spoken here. Find out in this episode… #Nicaragua!! Thanks to all the Nicaraguan geograpeeps that helped with this one! Gracias por su ayuda y espero que disfruten este video!

  2. Full transparency: I’m a Trump supporter, and a Geography Bee state champ, but what the hell YOUTUBE?!I LOVE my Central American brothers and sisters and I love geography. YOUTUBE IS DERANKING YOUR VIDEOS! I always get your videos at the top of my feed when they drop, but I got Niger without Nicaragua?! It’s BS man, I love your content and I support you and everything the Geography Now team does

  3. Beautiful guys!! Indeed, a country filled with Distinct costumes, Traditions, passions, slangs & rich in language, Literary Poets, writers & MUSIC! Great people, Great Land, Great music !! As soon as the CRISIS Ends, I can INVITE you all to come visit and showcase this beautiful Land of mine to the WORLD 🌍 ! Chau 🥳

  4. The dispute you guys mention with Jamaica and the US is actually with Colombia, but it only includes the water around those cays as the ICJ recognized them as part of Colombia. On the other hand, Colombia does not recognize the decision of taking away the waters east of 82nd meridian for several reasons.

  5. i remember i was in grenada and people were playing soccer or football in the street and my coach bus driver ran right over the ball and flattened it like a potato. I felt bad.

  6. Hey Geography Now, I am Honduran, and about the Honduras and Guatemala thing, I as a Honduran would like to clarify that the close friendship with Guatemala is more of a government thing and most Hondurans feel more closeness towards El Salvador since we Hondurans are more similar than Salvadorans than to Guatemalans. (Not everybody feels this way but most people do)

  7. Hello !👋 Admin G Now . Pakistan exits in South Asia next to Afghanistan, 6th largest population and Military. My country exits north of Maldives island. Just wanted to tell You its here in north. Peace 😍

  8. Is it crazy that Philippines has as much common with Indonesia as Nicaragua, culture-wise? We also celebrate a lot of festivals here, influnced by 4 centuries of Spanish colonisation.

    The food are also alike with very little differences.


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