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Bottles, Harps, Tereré and over 70% adult male population killed off. Whoa

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Date: November 20, 2019

48 thoughts on “Geography Now! PARAGUAY

  1. The strangest Latino nation on earth. It's like backwards New Zealand…. With Harps and stuff. We found a REAL Paraguayan at the last second with her Guarani-speaking mom to guest star in the show! Thanks Marianne! And thanks to all the Paraguayan geograpeeps that helped us with this episode!
    ….Oh and don't forget to get a KEITH T-SHIRT!

  2. I must say that this is the longest video anyone in the English world has ever made about Paraguay. I learned a lot about my home country with you guys. WOW! Great job!

  3. Two more strange facts about Paraguay: their flag is the only national flag that is different on the reverse side ( different emblems in the d'être stripe)…..also the town of Nueva Australia. The inhabitants of Nueva Australia are descendants of Australian colonists who moved to Australia to set up a utopian society, believing that the collapse of western civilisation was near.

  4. Am I really so bad at maths or is there something wrong? How can 90% of the population live east from the river of Paraguay whereas 5% live west from it? Does this make any sense?

  5. In Brazil, saying something is Paraguayan means it's fake or low quality. In order to avoid taxes, some Brazilians cross the border to buy goods. It's quite interesting that Paraguay would consider Brazil as one of its best friends since the average Brazilian knows virtually nothing about Paraguay!

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