George Harrison on Drug Use and The Rock Star Lifestyle | The Dick Cavett Show


George Harrison discusses the influence he has over his fans and his experiences in using LSD with The Beatles.

Date aired – November 23, 1971 – George Harrison, Ravi Shankar and Gary Wright

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Date: October 2, 2019

45 thoughts on “George Harrison on Drug Use and The Rock Star Lifestyle | The Dick Cavett Show

  1. I think it was good question and a fair question by Cavett. But the Beatles grew up together and had right to play around with drugs because they were kids themselves. Plus it was the 60s. Acid was legal. Weed and acid never killed anybody, so it's no big deal if other kids emulated them. Lennon was 30 when the Beatles broke up. Alcohol is far more dangerous and prevalent

  2. He is a bit naive about lsd. I knew a family that I grew up with in Cali who’s son was a couple years older than me who dropped lsd and it ruined his mind. They couldn’t find him for a long time and when they did his brain was not the same. This stuff is dangerous to certain people and can ruin lives. I say don’t do it

  3. Coming off of the latest Tarantino film (Hollywood) to see something like this is astounding. I wasn't planning it, but seeing a video as candid and as straightforward as this was equal parts refreshing and unsettling. We've come a long way since '71, and not all in a good way.

  4. When he started talking about the sadness of heroin addiction, all i could think of was hearing how John might've been strung out on heroin at the end when the Beatles broke up… dunno if that's true or not, but it definitely adds an extra layer of sadness if George is also describing John with the heroin

  5. I'm actually a little in awe at George Harrison's openness and honesty.( His ripping into American TV at the start was so apposite. It's exactly as he described.) Unlike today's vapid 'boy bands' the Beatles were intelligent, personable young men who really had something to say.

  6. My favourite George Harrison song is •My Sweet Lord” witch I practiced with my guitar and sang along with it. And I wish I could go back into the past and have films of myself playing my guitar and singing along with “My Sweet Lord”
    My other comment is:
    I did not know the time stamp for my composition maybe the late 1970s. How did I do this in my head, where does the composition come from just from somewhere?
    Only my thinking of other influences?
    How can I reproduce this song if there are no written musical notes on papers?
    My Only One Hit Wonder
    Could not think of a title for my four layered my guitar instrumental song that was composed on the spur of a thought and then put on magnetic recording tape.
    I have taken guitar lessons for about two years circa 1972 – 1974 at Capone Music in Annandale VIRGINIA next to the penguin feather vinyl record store.


    From Maria the Apple iPheun 7

  7. George wouldn’t have been a fan of American football. Haha commercial every other play. 60 minute game in total but only 10-15 minutes of actual game with 2hr worth of commercials.

  8. An interesting point he said about the dark nature of human psyche, we want others to make mistakes so we can point fingers at them. How would you explain this hypocrisy. Only if our mind is going around in circles.

  9. Creating music, particularly writing a song, recording it and playing it to a crowd is an emotional event. You can't sleep and are on a natural high. When the lights go out the artist goes into a downward spiral. The drugs and alcohol is an attempt to hold onto the natural high.

  10. I wrote these comments after listening to an interview with George Harrison conducted by Dick Cavett.
    To me: Dick Cavett is who I would call an individual MOST ADMIRED IN MY LIFE.

  11. The Beatkes. I think the reason why every song they wrote were hits was because their consepts of life as individuals were extremely down to earth.John Lennon for example: I was watching and listening to an interview with him and I sat and was nearly in tears because his consept of life as a complete celebration and you can hear in his music and I think that csme from Yoko. I didnt hear about his assassination until the day. I cried for 3 hours. I felt like I lost my best friend because I did. I would not be playing guitar if it wasnt for singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and I saw those four Sunday in a row broadcasts. You dont know how great wonderful it is to stll see Ringo on those drums and SIR Paul McCartney: ONE INTELLIGNT HIUMAN BEING YOU WOULD CAPTIVATED BY IF HE WERE TO VISIT YOU.

  12. He is very straight forward about the way things are, and honest about what he is qualified to have a real first hand opinion about and what he does not. While many people who have not really gotten into partying with drugs too much think that they all are exactly the same. In some ways, yes, but everyone of them has their own unique characteristics. To me the thing that can make all drugs seem similar is like he said, they all have " bad " aspects, and I think one compared to another one is just that, just another one. It is strange to me how people can be so down on one particular drug and anybody who uses it, while at the same time they are getting high with some other drug 24/7 but truly believe that they have the right to speak in such a negative manner about the one that they don't do.

  13. For the most part he looks like he would rather be somewhere else. He looks he keeps getting interrupted before he can finish a complete thought. The interviewer keels pushing a point and taking the topic away from what George wants to talk about.

  14. I've always felt George Harrison was the quintessential kid brother, not having the filter to consider protocol, and is honest and straightforward with his answers. There's always been something endearing about his lack of filter that makes him very genuine.

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