German election exit polls place Social Democrats narrowly ahead – BBC News


Exit polls suggest the tightest of races in the German election with little separating the two main parties in the race to succeed Angela Merkel.

The latest projections show her party, the centre-right Christian Democrats led by Armin Laschet, is narrowly trailing the centre-left Social Democrats led by Olaf Scholz.

Whatever the outcome and whichever is the largest party, coalition talks are likely to take weeks or even months to form a government.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Europe editor Katya Adler in Berlin.

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Date: October 6, 2021

34 thoughts on “German election exit polls place Social Democrats narrowly ahead – BBC News

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  2. Thank you very much for summing up the challanges and expectations germany will not be able to fullfill in the next years.

  3. Every election is rigged. Wake up people. Educate yourselves as to what Wetiko is and how we are ALL being enslaved and played.

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  5. Scholz is not the leader of the SPD, he is the candidate, which is not very common and he is the current Vice Chancellor of Merkel, so he is not part of the opposition.
    You should know this

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  7. Awesome news. One step closer to the supreme splendour of the Scandinavian model of governance.

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  11. The SPD and CDU are both Globalist left of center establishment parties. No changes. Bad news for the working class Germans.

  12. Germany will not change much with this election, the same people and parties as always remained in power

  13. Germany's lost decade is about to begin.
    Blind arrogance and hypocritical values led Germany to allow the American tentacles to infiltrate and even control the German media, using false statements and inciting populism, and finally blossomed.
    The stupid European Union has been infiltrated and manipulated by the United States for decades. There are few sober people, but the political system for electoral political benefits is watching the European Union sink step by step. The collapse of the European Union led by weak France & Cold War-loving Germany may not be far away.
    50% of the people in Germany are incited to confront China, even at the expense of some economic interests-Germany is lost. The world will not stop with Germany's stagnation. The developing countries will progress faster than that, and when Germany wakes up, its share will be even smaller.
    What's more important is that once populism is incited, at least two terms will be reversed, but after the fruits of the devil are planted and the ignorance takes root, it can no longer be eradicated. After the next cycle comes back, it blooms even more violently until it swallows all the benign politics and values that have been hard-established in the past.

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