Giant Monsters (Original Animal Planet Version)


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This is the original Animal planet version of Giant Monsters with Jeff Corwin that aired on TV initially. This is DVD quality.


Date: September 16, 2019

22 thoughts on “Giant Monsters (Original Animal Planet Version)

  1. The models for the prehistoric creatures used in this special, I've seen in other documentaries:
    -Tyrannosaurus (The model I've seen in Valley of the T-rex, Dinosaur Planet & Dino Lab but the coloration is that of the T-rex in When Dinosaurs Roamed America)
    -Sarcosuchus (The model looks like a modified Rutiodon from When Dinosaurs Roamed America)
    -Smilodon (The model is the same model used for the Megantereon in Before We Ruled the Earth-Hunt of Be Hunted)
    -Megatherium (The model is the same used in What Killed the Mega Beasts)
    -Quetzalcoatlus (The model is the same model used in When Dinosaurs Roamed America & Valley of the T-rex)

  2. Damn this is super weird. Remember watching this as a small child, I remembered just vivid there was a giant sloth, a flight dinosaur a komodo dragon and in the end the giant squid. I had really old almost faded memories of scenes from this documentary, and how it amazed me with the animation and so on when I was a kid. Some time ago I then decided looking for what ever I had memories of, without finding anything, and I lost hope and thought it might just have been some tv programm that I watched randomly so it'll be impossible to find it. Today it popped up again in terms of I wanted to look up the giant sloth and found old documentarys on youtube. These made me remember this thing I had memories of, and I scrolled down and saw that thumbnail with the spider on top of him and I knew : damn that must be it, now I remember there was a spider too. Looking at this now I definitly know it was exactly this documentary I saw back then, I even remember the scene at the end, with him sitting by the pool. Amazing having found this 🙂 thanks for uploading !

  3. Brings back memories. My issue with this series isn't that it's a bit silly at times, this approach gives some scale to whatever animal it's highlighting, it's that it tends to spend too much time on the silly parts, most likely show filler, reducing the need for animated segments.

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