Girl Waves At Cop Everyday, The Day She Doesn’t His Gut Tells Him To Check Her House


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Music: Kevin MacLeod

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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Date: September 30, 2019

37 thoughts on “Girl Waves At Cop Everyday, The Day She Doesn’t His Gut Tells Him To Check Her House

  1. B-) this reminded me when i was walking with someone i knew I had him circle this garage we circled over and over.
    I spotted two mad security K9 and pitbull. I communicated to them.. we broke the gate lock and later found a Safe. We struggled and I thought "The safe #'s were 6969 (Correct was I)
    But anyways we saved two girl's. We called the cops and it ended. I got kisses he got hit trying to Bang the girls lol

  2. God bless you. You're a great man. To save that little girl's life man you got me tearing up dude that's awesome man thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God keep you safe in the line of duty and thank you for your service sir. The world's a better place because of people like you. It's so nice to see how she was able to get back on track and have her own family and look so healthy and have a smile on her face I guarantee if you rub by her house today she be out there waving or giving you a big hug man. Truly awesome police are totally underrated.

  3. Story:

    In 1997 a little asshole waved at a son of a fûçkįñg bitch that was a cop, every day that asshole would wave at that dįçkhēâd, one day the asshole didn’t wave, then that irrigant little piece of shit decided to fūçk up the door and break in, he saw the asshole looking at the tv interested, the dumbass looked, it was pørn! He watched it together and took it upstairs, no one knows what happened then…

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