Glamorous Tokyo Nails


The International Nail Expo in Tokyo is the largest nail art expo in the world. Trend-setting manicurists from all over Japan came to style and design glamorous art for nails. Lets see more of this growing trend from NTD’s Liliana Yap.

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Just painting nails is a thing of the past. In Japan, designing nails with piercings, textured motifs, glitter, crystals, beads, and other stunning accessories is the hottest trend. These stunning works of art are created by nail artists trained and certified at nail academies throughout Japan.

[Shouko Kainuma, SS Nail Nagoya]:
First, I went to (nail art) school, graduated, then I worked in a nail salon. Now we have our own nail art shop called SS Nail. I like makeup and being fashionable and I always wanted to make people happy.

Japan Nailist Association is working to popularize nail art by organizing nail art seminars, festivals, contests, and even proficiency tests for this growing fashion.

[Mihori Kinoshita, Japan Nailist Association]:
The contest we have today is a very important event in Japan and we will continue to promote it. Also, several celebrities are here to be this years Nail Queen; this promo-event is aimed to expand nail art’s popularity.

J-pop artist Koda Kumi was selected as one of this years Nail Queen at the Nail Queen Award Ceremony. Her nail art is inspired by traditional kimonos from her hometown, Kyoto.

Im Liliana Yap, NTD News, Tokyo, Japan.


Date: May 23, 2020

33 thoughts on “Glamorous Tokyo Nails

  1. I am wondering how an they wash their hair, comb and style it without getting the nail art stuck? I suppose that they must go to the beauty shop to get their hair done. I do have to say it looks really pretty =)

  2. Also, if you're a clean person – you go by the saying, "If there's a will, there's a way". Many women can be resourceful, smart, skilled, & will find ways to be clean, decent, presentable, etc. Next time anybody has questions like the detailed ones below & they get their nails done by a nail artist with very long nails, maybe they can personally ask these nail artists directly if they wish but to try to not do it in an offensive or disrespectful way.

  3. But I appreciate art & art in all forms & like looking at art whether they be on nails, walls, screens, murals, canvas, clothes, jewelry, etc. Regarding the detailed comments below about long nails getting in the way of doing things. I can't speak for myself since I rarely have long nails. But Japan does have advanced toilets. I've visited Japan. There are some advanced technology & toilets in Japan. (cont.)

  4. These Japanese nail artists did a nice job with their nails. For me, I've only worn fake nails 2 times, one via press-on nails at home, & the other done by an Asian nail professional. I've mostly have done my own nails & keep them short. I've never had nail art done on my nails. But it's on my bucket list to have a nail artist do my nails in a neat way in the future. I don't think I'd have it done as intricate as these Japanese nail artists. (cont.)

  5. with toilet paper! lol. she can just wrrap the tiolet paper around her hand thickly. PPl don't use their nails themselves to wipe their asses you know! lol I am pretty sure she can still hold tiolet paper with her hands/fingers.

  6. I didn't say machines would replace anything. Hahaha. If you read my comment correctly I said in Japan they have advanced toilets that do that stuff. You don't NEED to get one if you don't want one. And of course you'd have to wash your own hands. Thats nasty if you don't.

  7. hehe i love their style… but i would be having a hard time during some things like.. taking out and putting on contact lenses… and prob. have a little problem with putting makeup on lol

  8. A lot of ppl asks, "how would they 'wipe'" well…. Japanese toilets are so advanced they dont need to wipe. The toilet comes with a built in water sprayer and air blower…. O_o I mean there are some of those kinds of toilets here too… its just rare for common folk. =T its expensive.. that sort of thing.. where as in Japan, every one is making them..

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