Gravitas: How the world is drawing inspiration from India


After India, the United Kingdom came together to pay tribute to men and women at the frontline of the Coronavirus battle. WION’s Executive Editor Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you how the world is drawing inspiration from India in fighting the Coronavirus.

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Date: May 16, 2020

38 thoughts on “Gravitas: How the world is drawing inspiration from India

  1. Indian brothers and sisters calm down. We too took inspiration from Italy and Spain. We inspired others too. It's light of hope which doesn't belong to only one country. It's for humanity. 🌍🌎🌏☮️

  2. It's sad that some opposition people in India propagated this "clapping for Corona Fighters" as "clapping makes Corona go away" (superstition).
    & These people are everywhere on this good Earth.
    One celebrated personality "literally showed Middle finger" when everyone else was clapping, this was just because he oppose PM every time & this clapping movement was an appeal of PM.

  3. Best way to invigorate our medical professionals….who has faced the this menace the most….last day I saw an American doctor crying hopefully this message of unity will provide her and her colleagues a little hope….

  4. Most of the comments are thanking for my country.. Thank you all the people from different countries who supports , trusts us.. 😊 I'm so glad that I'm an Indian Muslim ♥️🙂 stay strong everyone

  5. So far, I love the attitude of this reporter!!! And the team who’s working to get this data, I really admire you guys. Keep going!!! I love all of you!!!

  6. Well It doesnt matter if the idea of thanking our carers came from India. This is what everyone should do as a human being, Its not really fair to say the world gained inspiration of this act from India

  7. Ma'am you are probably one of the best news reporters in the entire world which produces news most powerful countries don't have guts to strongly say a word rather end up on the neutral side.Huge respect.When this is all over China's coming down crashing in particles.

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