Great White Shark Attack Leaves Man Badly Injured | Extreme | Wonder


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What would you do if you came face to face with a Great White Shark? What about a vicious Tiger? A dangerous Panther? These people all fought for their lives against deadly animals in dangerous and life-threatening circumstances.

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Date: May 20, 2020

28 thoughts on “Great White Shark Attack Leaves Man Badly Injured | Extreme | Wonder

  1. Does the last dude who got attacked by the bear not realise how sick that is what he did …. Wearing a necklace from the bear as a trophy. That bear shouldn't of been killed in the first place

  2. I just can't watch this cruelty they way they're treating elephants well somebody needs to treat them the same way and see how they like it! Tie them up and tortured them for the rest of their life yeah see how they like it!

  3. These pictures of the chained, in thise very small cages us so awful and the fact that the animal was cgained for 3 no us ceazy–it shows the mentality of the people in thus countries

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