Greece's Geography Problem


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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (http://www.Haerther.net)
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive


Date: August 23, 2019

22 thoughts on “Greece's Geography Problem

  1. Hey everyone! You may notice the numbers in brackets that pop up in the lower left-hand corner of this video. Those are a long-requested addition to the channel: references! Just look in the description for the corresponding number to see where different info comes from.

  2. Feels like you have read that page from "Prisoners of Geography" and were heavily influence by it, completing neglecting Greece's actual problem: Corruption. Bad effort mate, simply bad.

  3. Ancient advanced civilizations were all from warmer climates. Countries in cold climates could never count on agriculture reliably to survive. The shift to an industrialized economy changed this. Countries in cold climates invested more in industry and this pushed them ahead of countries that still depend largely on agriculture. Its not climate, its the economic model tied to the climate.

  4. Tou forget to mention that Sweden although it has mountains. That they're mostly located in the north. The most of the country is flat.
    And Norway has a lot of oil. Norway would be poor without the oil. And it has in fact been poor the most of its history

  5. The map you used to show the allegded "Greek Empire" in the begining is totally off! The empire that you want to call "Greek" includes ancient Macedonia territory that is now called North Macedonia with a reason. That territory was rulled by Phillip II Macedon and was never conquered by any greek army. So, a basic intelligence question is – how can it be a Greek Empire when it includes ancient Macedonia, while the evidence say Macedonia was never conquered by a greek king/army. Macedonia was not greek, but greece was conqured by the Macedonian King Phillip II Macedon. He conquered them. The story the greeks want to sell is that he united them. Yeah, by force and killing them on the battlefield. I call that conquering. And you dont conquer something that belongs to your people, but to enemies. So, that empire you want to call greek, you should forget about it. A greek empire never existed. A greek civilization did exist, along with greek science and philosophy. But they were not warriors, except the famous spartans that were not conquerors. The empire was Macedonian and in the honor of the most advanced conquered civilization – it spread their culture and language – it was the most advanced at the time. You should not spread misinformation on your channel. Or maybe you were misinformed too. To all the greek raging keyboard warriors – come and get it! I don't give a fuck about a country ruined by politicians and criminals.

  6. Sweden and Norway are far from rich. Greece's GDP is 27,737 but you failed to mention it's up and down percentage is 77.9% and is 32nd richest country in the world. Where do you get your information? I have been to Greece and it is very easy to get to where you want to go.

  7. You idiot there were no Italians 2000 years ago. If Greece learned from other civilizations which in turn gave rise to the philosophers then how come those other civilizations didn't have any philosophers? everyone learned from the Greeks.

  8. The real problem is cultural (which is of course linked to geography, but also t history). Greeks cannot work together. This is a prerequisite to compete in the modern industrial and post industrial world. Greeks cannot put together a Daimler Benz or a Ford motor company, or a Toyota company, for that reason. They are too selfish, too self centered. Another issue is that the rest of western Europe had Renaissance. Which served to distance the people from religion. That did not happen to Greece. The excess religion and self centered (even though generally well educated) population brings rise to excess corruption. Not only the politicians as one said (who are just as corrupt in the USA), but also al all levels of life. Greece operates a lot more like a middle eastern country than a European country. Maybe wealth is not necessarily the road to happiness, but if a country loses its self governance, then you are in trouble. Of course, it can be argued that ever since 1830 when the country was established, the country was always under semi-colonial status. The kings for example were brought in and forced in by the Germans. The British made a civil war in 1944. And the Americans … we can keep on going.

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