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From the moment they are born, these plucky Green Turtles from the Ascension Islands will face a huge battle to survive. Those that do survive, like their mothers did before them, will return to exactly same beach where they hatched.

Taken From Planet Earth

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Date: June 15, 2020

50 thoughts on “Green Turtle's Battle For Survival | Planet Earth | BBC Earth

  1. I know y’all in the comments feel for the little guys, but having a harsh start to the world that kills off the unlucky or weaker members off the bat is a way to assure the strongest genes get passed on. It’s sad, but it’s for the betterment of their species.

  2. Tão pequeninas e tão valentes!! o mar enrola na areia e no desmaiar do mar elas nadam como se nascessem ensinadas…e nós temos que ser ensinados dos seus mistérios e a respeitar estas intrigantes e queridas criaturas?? Fica a questao do desconhecido??

  3. A batalha das tartarugas é o desígnio da natureza a mais constante…a mudança é mistério que adensa a expectativa humana de a descobrir de que existe quando aparecem em modo crescido!! O mistério permanece e intriga e a descoberta nunca mais chega??

  4. So inspiring. Member viewing quite similar natural films 40-50yrs ago, with damnable film makers showing predators taking half tryin' to get to water, other predators in water.Jeezsh!

  5. For the people who want to be able to help them into the sea after hatching- even if you did that it would make very little difference in how many reach reproductive age, and therefore very little difference in the survival of the species. It's a nice thought, but the place people should help them is when they are adults or almost so and prone to getting caught in fishing nets and drowned. That's their biggest threat, so start with fishing boats if you want to save the turtles.

  6. Can anyone please tell me where the original full-length video went? My family and I watched it and loved it, but now all I can find is the 2-3 minute clip! Where is the full-length feature?!

  7. The only thing human babies know is to eat, yet the first thing a turtle baby do is to run toward the sea. They sure know and can do a lot as newborns.

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