Grizzly Bear Attack Causes Man To Lose Leg Muscles I Shouldn't Be Alive | Wonder


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Nightmare In The Mountains: Father and son are hunting elk in Montana when 18-year-old Bram strikes out alone. He finds a starving grizzly bear who launches a horrific attack. Chance encounters save Bram’s life, in a powerful story of luck and courage.

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Date: May 6, 2020

26 thoughts on “Grizzly Bear Attack Causes Man To Lose Leg Muscles I Shouldn't Be Alive | Wonder

  1. …..why…..not….shoot the bear? It was coming toward you and you waved your arms around? The arm with a gun on it? Then you punched the bear in the nose? Instead of trying to grab the gun while it was calm? Did everything wrong. Literally everything.

  2. My right thigh felt it got hurt 😞 when the voiceover of a man 👨 said how badly the skinny short black haired guy named Bram got attacked by a grizzly bear. 🐻 So ow! 😖I would hate to be in that situation from an animal 🦓 🦒 🦔 attack.

  3. People love to put themselves in the hands of danger going into the mountains woods the canyons ocean is playing with death ….. The wild life is nothing to go looking for ,

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