Grizzly Bear Attack Leaves Multiple Casualties | Human Prey S1 EP3 | Wonder


Grizzly bears are notoriously dangerous creatures, that if provoked, will attack in a second. Join us as we meet the people who came face to face with aggressive grizzlies, posed to kill.

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Human Prey follows the tales of extreme animals attacks and meets the individuals who witness first hand the true danger of the animal kingdom.

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Date: May 6, 2020

35 thoughts on “Grizzly Bear Attack Leaves Multiple Casualties | Human Prey S1 EP3 | Wonder

  1. If you know theres infested areas with
    Mountain lions
    Venomous snakes
    Huge constrictors
    And still go anyway your dumb n should get eaten dumbass.

  2. Bears don't deserve to be shot. They are in their own environment and often fearful for their cubs so will protect them. Ironic that the people taking their teenage children into known bear country lacked that protective instinct. I did feel very sad or those two kids, and was full of admiration for the woman attempting to save that boy's mother's life while the bear was so close; also the brave guy who lost his life.
    I also felt very sorry that the bear, who was doing nothing wrong, had to be shot. These are beautiful wild animals but unpredictable and humans need to respect that and leave them free to be in what few areas are left of their natural habitat.
    What was with those two idiots in the last story, hunting bears for food? Theyre supposed to be a protected species and this is the 21st century so they can go to a store and buy meat that has been raised for that purpose.

  3. How the hell does someone decide to go for a walk in a bear filled forest and not know how to use the only weapon they have the can of bear spray that father and daughter are very lucky and very dumb

  4. Bears evolved to take an elk hoof to the face and be okay. Hitting it with a dead branch is beyond futile. You'd be better finding a pencil sized stick and going for the eyes

  5. Ok if you ever encounter a bear in the wild then here is 2 situation you might be in and have to deal with.
    1.you are a couple miles away and you and the bear are faced together then yell let the bear know you are there and say back upbeat and if it listens say good bear but if it doesn't then back up and when you get out of sight then run to what ever veacal you got there in and drive away.
    2.if you are facE to face with a bear then get down to your neese put your head imbetween your legs and put your hands on your neck kind of like the tornado warning posishion.you might get a few bights ,scratches and a few brushes but its better than being dead.I give full credit to coyote pederson for this advise

  6. IDIOTS! I don't feel sorry for any of them. THEY WENT INTO THE BEARS' TERRITORY. It is one thing to have a bear come into your backyard, in which case, you have the right to kill it. No one has the right to kill a bear, a mountain lion or any other wild animal when you are intruding on THEIR territory. Sickos, and most of you are American and/or Russian!

  7. should've taken the shots both of them church deacons. better to take the chance of hitting your mate than standing there watching him get eaten to death!

  8. I have encountered Black Bears in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and I was not afraid. If you act bigger than the bear and spread your arms wide and scream they will go away. Play dead and don't move. Tell the bear you have two choices a knife to the heart or a bullet to the heart. That's what I did. I was lucky. I keep bear spray, an ax, a knife and a 9mm. Those bears didn't have a chance with me. Sadly, the week before I encountered the bear in the Smokies a teacher was mulled to death on a trail. She was trying to get too close to a cub. Very sad

  9. The smartest thing to do is to go into a bear's teritory especially with your kids without any expectation that they will attack you and no plan to protect yourself.

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