Group Of Young Boys Float At Sea For Days After Capsize | I Shouldn't Be Alive S4 EP14 | Wonder


When a boat suddenly capsizes skipper Steve Conway and four young crew are left stranded in the gulf of Mexico. Floating aimlessly without a life-raft, they face exposure, hypothermia, and the threat of drowning. Steve must draw on every ounce of his experience to keep the four young men alive.

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Witness the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who found themselves in life or death survival situations. With first-hand accounts and incredible re-enactments, I Shouldn’t Be Alive presents the raw danger these people faced and shows the physical and mental battle they all had to overcome in their effort to stay alive.

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Date: May 6, 2020

42 thoughts on “Group Of Young Boys Float At Sea For Days After Capsize | I Shouldn't Be Alive S4 EP14 | Wonder

  1. If the jelly fish could cause such panic, I wonder how fearful and devastating the guys would have been, if the captain had informed them about the shark. That was a real brave and experienced captain. Surely his motivation kept them going and alive.

  2. No ones talking abt steve. He kept the young boys alive in the middle of the ocean with his smart mind and great survival skills. Prayers go to roger obviously but I’m thankful also a lot for Steve and the efforts he did to keep the group together:)

  3. QUICK TIP: If you need a flotation device take the shirt off your back tie the sleeves and the neck of the shirt in knots then take the bottom and swing and gather air like your opening a garbage bag and hold the bottom to trap the air in then you just have to keep splashing water on it about every 30 seconds so air cant escape through the fabric. You probably wont need this info, bet hey you never know

  4. Them smooth bastards that tracked the ocean currents to find them, You can only have maximum respect for them rescuers & their brains & their greatness! What absolute legends they are!

  5. I couldn't have survived this. The terror these guys must have felt. To think 71% of Earth is covered in ocean… can you imagine searching for someone in such a massive body of water.

  6. How fitting that Roger’s title was one of SAFETY, and in the end he aided two of his fellow Comrades to safety before succumbing to the dangerous situation himself😥 May he be resting in peace for truly fulfilling his duty!!!

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