Groups of masked men violently descend on Hong kong activists


Hong Kong has descended into chaos as triad gangs have waded into the conflict, attacking anti-Chinese activists inside trains and on the platforms near the Chinese border. Masked men wearing white T-shirts brutally beat protesters in a new escalation which is set to ratchet up fears that the city’s feared Triad gangs are becoming an increasing presence in the conflict. Massive pro-democracy protests began last month in opposition to a contentious extradition bill that would have allowed Hong Kong residents to stand trial in mainland China, where critics say their rights would be compromised. Marching in sweltering heat and humidity of around 85F, protesters dressed in black walked behind a large banner reading ‘Independent Inquiry for Rule of Law’. As the protest wore on, riot police (bottom right) fired tear gas (left) at protesters wielding makeshift shields made from umbrellas, road signs and even suitcases (top right).

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Date: July 25, 2019

7 thoughts on “Groups of masked men violently descend on Hong kong activists

  1. John Barnard … I never understand why all western countries & UN follow so well CCP’s Politburo crimes, invading, occupying large territories, same as 1/2 USA or full Europe, killing, murdering poor Tibetans & Uyghurs civilians (including Southern Mongolians), by Hitler Nazi Xi’fellow Chen Quanguo?
    Same to Taiwan rejecting direct relation Nation to Nation!
    It is Bank of China, or because Rokfeller Bank was the best supporter of CCP of China?
    We are talking of +60 millions of People stressed by CCP!
    Angela Merkkhel from Germany was one of the other support of China, moving there all Southern Europeen Indudyrial activities… today is late to go back!
    Independency & Freedom from Northern Kashmir stollen by corruption from Bank of China, to Hong-Kong… together to fight deeply CCP’Politburo to destroy them for ever like 1989 USSR, Berliner Wall fallen! 2029 is a year to China collapse, 30 years later starting from Hong-Kong

  2. West has turned Chinese people onto each other. Divide and Conquer.
    Western Post Colonial Oppression Still Exists. They've been destroying countries for over 800years. People all Over Still Suffer.
    Malcolm X – "How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself And Your People"

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