H M The Queen – Huge family dilemma? #princeharry #meghanmarkle #royalnews


21 thoughts on “H M The Queen – Huge family dilemma? #princeharry #meghanmarkle #royalnews

  1. Are Queen should now step down now and have a few years of and relax she deserves it
    Skip charles and put william and cathrine in the hot seat

  2. We're having lovely warm colorful days with leaves falling everywhere. There's a telltale chill in the air, and during the night. I'm enjoying the warmth and brilliant sunshine while I can. Much love from Minnesota, U.S.A.

  3. HRHTQ will not disappoint. Her wisdom is immense and such a lovely lady. I’m so glad I’ve been around to know her life and character. These movies tell so many lies, much like the hypocritical lying grandson that stabbed her during her & her dying prince most private time. H is a heartless bastard

  4. We were in London last week, and I was hoping it might be some chance we might run into you on the street of London. And would love to tell you in person how much we enjoyed watching your royal news! You did a great job reporting the royal news!

  5. Hello Mr Sean I watch your videos all time I enjoy when you tell me about your locations your in. I don't know if you have heard of Wyoming that is where I live keep up the good work.

  6. I have no issues with H.M the Queen, but I think Harry needs a good slap up the back of the head or two in hope of waking him up to the damage he is inflicting on his family with all the lies he and his wife have been spreading. Charles and Andrew have prepared their pots and are now stewing in them, again causing even more stress on H.M, they too could do with a slap up the back of their heads. Stay strong your Majesty, you are the beacon of light in these murky times.

  7. I think it would be nice if the pictures were of Prince Phillip, Queen Mum and King George, Princess Margaret etc. Saying its about family, whether they're still here or not etc. Then talk about things happening around the world, charities etc. That way she can't offend anyone.

  8. Neil, one day you'll have to wear a warm coat. We're following you right into winter!! Still enjoying your videos from the Pacific NorthWest (PNW) in the US where it's defintely cooling down.

  9. The Queen is an exemplary person who embodies the highest attributes possible. She leads Great Britain, the Commonwealth and her family in the manner she pledged when she ascended to the throne. Long may she reign and may God truly Bless her.

  10. Loving your reports Neil, and the ties too, I'm sure our amazing queen will deliver an amazing speech. 👏

  11. Thank you God from ( The Royal Family ) in London in way day go have this. Good time for the people country & w music from building the way…………..all HiFi music way will be from London,

  12. I suspect the phrases that you should be using Kneel are: The Dysfunctional Family from Hell. With no redeeming features , who are shameless in their exploitation of "charities" in an effort to boost their abysmal standing with the public. Oh and when is the Andy one boarding that private jet to take him to the states to con front accusations of Rape, Sexual Assault and Battery by the FBI? I suspect that on his present form it won't be anytime soon. But wait! He may be subpoenaed, together with the "duchess" Fergiana to appear in the criminal case involving nice Ms Maxwell.

  13. Hello from Waco Texas
    Neal ,the weather her is 85
    Sunny ,I'm like you allergies
    The whole 9 yds.lol
    Ok I pray the queen would not even give harr ,meg time of day.she has so much to do Holidays coming up God bless the royals each of them.
    Sincerly,Angelia Frm:Waco Texas USA

  14. It’s very wet here in the south west. I think the queen will reflect on Prince Philip. Sadly missed this Xmas. I don’t think she will mention them!! Let’s hope not as they don’t deserve a mention and they stole her very private name x

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