Halsey Is REPORTEDLY DATING Emma Roberts Ex-BF Evan Peters


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Everybody calm down. Take a deep breath and get ready for this tea. It looks like we have a new power couple on our hands, but we have some questions. Actually quite a few.

What’s up y’all!? it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and it looks like Halsey may have a new man in her life. Did y’all know she was dating Evan Peters?

Now if you’re like me, you’re probably shook and saying, wait what about Yungblud? Aren’t Halsey and Yungblud in a full on relationship. Well you’re not alone. There’s so many tweets from fans trying to figure this out, like this fan who tweeted, “GUYS PLEASE I’M SO CONFUSED, DID HALSEY AND YUNGBLUD BREAK UP?”

Someone else tweeted, “HANG ON did Halsey and Yungblud actually break up??? Because there are barely any pics of each other on their instagrams now but I swear they’ve not said anything about it??? Or have I missed something???? Pls tell me it’s not true 😩😭”

Well before we get into that, let’s just break down where this is all coming from. Us Weekly reported exclusively that “Halsey and Evan Peters Are Dating After Romance With Yungblud and Emma Roberts.” According to the report, a source revealed that the two have actually been dating for weeks. But things escalated because Daily Mail had a separate exclusive with photos of the two at Six Flags Magic Mountain. In one of the photos Halsey and Evan are seen holding hands on a roller coaster and Halsey looks really happy. But just because you’re holding hands with someone and look happy, that doesn’t mean that you’re dating. So let’s see what else they have to say. They have a quote from a bystander that “wished to remain anonymous”! They said, “They were smiling and laughing together and looking into each other’s eyes as they were waiting for the ride to start.” Then they continued on saying, “When we got off the roller coaster, we bought the photo of them on the ride and saw that they were holding hands, their fingers were intertwined.”

Ok, to be honest, this all sounds really cute, but there’s another layer to this whole situation because Halsey has expressed how much she loves Evan Peters multiple times on social media over the years. Of course the article has the tweets that she allegedly tweeted and deleted. Let’s see what they say shall we?

So according to Daily Mail, on November 8, 2012, she tweeted, “Seriously Evan Peters stop making me attracted to alleged sociopaths and accused murderers….”

Then on November 21, 2013 she tweeted, “Petition for Evan Peters to date me.”

And then she tweeted on November 13, 2014 “I’m a fucking liar I’m so in love with Evan Peters I’m so whipped I’m whipped as fuck!”

So Dailymail had pictures of those deleted tweets, but we did find this tweet from October 2014 that says, “oh wait apparently the evan arrest was a hoax. Idc he still daddy af.”

Ok so now you’re caught up with all the recent news between Evan and Halsey, but fans were and are still confused. One person said, “HOW ARE HALSEY AND EVAN PETERS AT SIX FLAGS TOGETHER, THE SIMULATION IS GLITCHING“

Another said, “it didn’t even register to me that halsey and evan peters lived in the same universe”

Now let’s get back to this Halsey and Yungblud break up. Because fans and outlets are doing a deep dive trying to figure this one out. Shortly after these photos surfaced and went viral, Yungblud posted an Instagram story where he yells “Somebody take me to Disneyland” and many fans took this as a dig at the photos that surfaced.

This feels like a stretch to us especially since he was in Orlando performing and we know Orlando is the home of Disneyworld. But remember back in February, Halsey and Yungblud had an epic date night at Disneyland. So maybe he was reminiscing on good times.

Hmmmm. I mean we could read into things and speculate all we want, but honestly until we hear from Halsey, Yungblud or Evan Peters directly, we will just assume they’re friends. Even though all evidence is pointing to a possible relationship between the two.

But enough about what I think, I want to know what you guys think about all of this. Do you think that Halsey and Evan are dating? Do you think she broke up with Yungblud or do you think that all of this is just being blown out of proportion.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below. After you’ve done all of that Then make sure you subscribe to Clevver News so you can stay up to date on all the latest news and click that bell so you’re notified. After you’re done with that, click right over here to check out another story. I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you soon.

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Date: February 8, 2020

26 thoughts on “Halsey Is REPORTEDLY DATING Emma Roberts Ex-BF Evan Peters

  1. Thank you for all the receipts. I don't have the social media platforms to get all this information. But I called it when she was with G-Eazy. Halsey is one of those stage 10 Clingers… I just find her very off-putting. And no I'm not jealous because her personality sucks

  2. Y'all dont know the situation fully, no one does but them, stop shaming her because feeling change, it doesn't mean someone cheated. Thing end because chemistry or just stress changes feelings, so stop shaming her. And stop with the poor Dom thing, some people just break up, and hopefully they will both find the right people or already have.

  3. Ok so hasley is so inlove with evan.?! Wtf…you gotta be fucking kidding me man.
    Thats a big lie i just thought that hasley and geasy are together so fast.! How could she do this to evan joke i was just o my so fucking shocked about this shitty news i think im gonna throw up sorry but they are not match to each other its all a lie what the fuck.?! So inlove with evan peters.!? Wow how fucking insanely cool is that look im not a basher of this evan and hasley but…if you can just see to it…that hasley and evan are not GOOD FOR EACH OTHER.!!!! Alright im done with it.! Sorry little speechless ahahah i just …i didnt know what to do. If evan and emma are not
    U know if theres no chance, just ship rosie day and evan peters much cooler i swear
    Just search rosie day guys but sorry again for this situation sorry im very sorry i just cant stand here waiting for them to unite. Im so sorry guys…sorry hasley i just…
    Really hate u….and one thing..
    Your so FAST DUDE ahaha jwk

  4. Why did you choose that title why not just Halsey is dating Evan Peters from AHS/Xmen or whatever… Seems like your intention is to make people think that she took him from Ema or put them against each other or like Evan is a property wtf

  5. Why the title though? Evan Peters and Emma Roberts had amazing careers and are individual people to be called like that. When people talk about Selena and Justin they dont say Selena’s Ex Justin or viceversa to refer about something. Just say: Halsey is apparently dating Evan Peters. Dont drag Emma Roberts into this and dont disrespect Evan Peters this way by just saying he is Emma’s ex, just throwing his career to the trash. Thank you goodbye

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