Harry Styles Robbed at Knifepoint on Valentine's Day | E! News


The “Fine Line” singer is shaken up after a mugger held him up at knifepoint in London and demanded his cash.

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1123940/harry-styles-held-at-knifepoint-during-robbery-in-london

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Harry Styles Robbed at Knifepoint on Valentine’s Day | E! News


Date: October 18, 2020

36 thoughts on “Harry Styles Robbed at Knifepoint on Valentine's Day | E! News

    One of the biggest pop stars in the world is walking around at night without security, he sees a large group of guys with hoods up and faces covered and he continues to walk by them..

    He says the guys were on the other side of the street, crossed the street to get behind him…he continues walking… He crosses the street to get away, they follow, he still doesnt run. He crosses the street once more, they follow, he doesnt run.

    They run to catch up to him, he doesnt run. The group of thieves with knives ASK…they ASK "what do you have on you?" Instead of just saying empty your pockets? The dude had a knife tucked into his pants instead of in his pocket or in his hand? What did he have, a sword?

    He then says he has some cash but he doesnt have a wallet? No i.d.? No cards? They didnt take any of his jewelry? 5 minutes from his home but they dont know who he is? Then he runs into the road yelling at cars to let him in? And nobody even cracks a window to ask what's happening? He doesn't yell help I'm being robbed? So hes in the middle of the street yelling while masked robbers are standing there on the sidewalk. And the group of 8 guys just give up and watch him run away to call the police? This is absolute bullshit. But what's the purpose?…

  2. My sweet sweet baby he deserves the best in this world, i pray for his safety everyday he's the kindest person ever he should be protected and loved at all cost

  3. How Dare Him! How Dare He To Try To Put His Hands On Our Lord HARRY! Just Ask Him For Couple Bills And He Will Give You More Than What You Have Asked For!
    We Coming For You F-ing IDIOT! Love You @harrystyles! Stay Strong! Let Nobody Dare Again!!!!!

  4. Harry is so sweet, why do people continue to mess with him. I am so glad he is ok, i have no idea what I would do without him
    ❤️❤️ Praying for Harry❤️

  5. For people asking why Harry did not ran. This is just my opinion, but for me actually if harry styles ran away because it was only a "knife" the guy would've follow him or get angry maybe next time he sees harry, he'll demand a LIFE not money anymore.

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