Harvey Weinstein Gets Slammed By Jennifer Lawrence And Other Stars | TODAY


A day after movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was abruptly ousted from the company he co-founded in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual harassment, Hollywood is weighing in. Meanwhile, new details are coming out about Weinstein’s last-ditch efforts to save his job. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY.
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Harvey Weinstein Gets Slammed By Jennifer Lawrence And Other Stars | TODAY


Date: January 13, 2020

40 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein Gets Slammed By Jennifer Lawrence And Other Stars | TODAY

  1. He's disgusting… Bottom line,,, it don't matter what a woman is wearing…. If your not invited don't f'en touch simple…… He looks like a creep….. But hey let's just put all the attention on Michael Jackson…. Idiot's Michael was found innocent on 14 counts, a 10 year infestation by the F B I and found nothing….. Has been gone for almost ten years and pepole still trying to get money out of him…. There's video and audio on harvey….. This is sick! In so many ways pepole…..

  2. So now we are going to give more strength to this Ridiculous Situation, what amazes me is these news stations think they are being justified by now letting the filth that Harvey Weinstein has told out to the public. We don't need to know who banged or didn't bang that insufferable man. Why further humiliate these actresses by telling these stories so once again they will be judged and once again Weinstein is the culprit. He is in jail let the filthy stories go to jail with him. Not to mention he has been proven to be a liar , cheat, sexual predator and a generally disgusting person so why believe or want to hear anything he has to say about anyone famous or no. I am sick of the news feeding the fire with more and more stories. It isn't for the good of the people it is for ratings and it is a way to tear down women and men who may have accomplished some sort of career in the public. We aren't allowed to have any privacy anymore Anything and all things are up for the consumption of so called news to spread it and humiliate folks It needs to stop and it needs to stop with the news people journalist and anyone with the platform to do better… So do better Don't just sit there spewing this filth Jennifer Lawrence doesn't deserve to have her name marred by this felon She has been a real person despite all her success Now let's punish her for that and believe these stories Imagine if it were you or someone you love Your child maybe Think about what these type of stories do to a person They change who you are They take pieces of an individual and you never get them back You don't have to be famous for this to happen But with Celebrities it is told on a global scale and they have to deal with the fall out for years to come Terrible world this has become This is considered entertainment WOW should be ashamed

  3. Oh please! Jennifer Lawrence of all people. It's so obvious she spred her legs willingly to get roles.

    I support all the real victims of that pig. But Jennifer Lawrence is part of the problem. Same goes for the two faced snake Meryl Streep.

  4. WHERE ARE HIS FRIENDS NOW??? ONE OF HIS FRIENDS TURNED IN THE "iM DESPERATE" EMAIL…. Clearly brave act and was never a friend….. I say Atta Boy for turning that email in… Are there any other takers out there…..???

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