Haryana village jat family❤ /Village life in india❤/villagers lifestyle❤


jaat village family daily rutin brakfrist time #RealBharat

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Date: November 24, 2019

41 thoughts on “Haryana village jat family❤ /Village life in india❤/villagers lifestyle❤

  1. That little boy is cute , being the youngest one does half of the work….like me 😁
    +Advantage you'll be loved by everyone 🙃
    Half – disadvantage you'll have to work for everyone 🥴🤪

  2. I m from Balochistan Pakistan, it really amazing video. I think The village life is more beautiful than urban life.i was shoked to see that a middle family is passing a comfortlife. Every need of life is available. Very good video.

  3. 0:00 to 0:13 I see the woman at risk of being trapped in the heavy electric machine because of their long loose hair and the long scarf that is hanging behind. Why no one suggest them not to wear long and loose clothes when they go near the machine and when it's operating.

  4. החיים בסרטון כמו בעזה.והם לא טוענים שחייהם לא טובים.אבל העזתים יש להם הרבה טענות על ישראל שהחיים שלהם ברמה נמוכה.החיים בעזה מתאימים לעזתים כמו שהחיים של ההודים מתאימים להודים.ההבדל שלעזתים י

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