'Havana syndrome': the mystery illness affecting US spies that emerged in Cuba – ​BBC News


Doctors, scientists, intelligence agents and government officials have all been trying to find out what causes “Havana syndrome” a mystery illness that has struck American diplomats and spies.

It often started with a sound, one that people struggled to describe. “Buzzing”, “grinding metal”, “piercing squeals”, was the best they could manage.  

Havana syndrome first emerged in Cuba in 2016. The first cases were CIA officers, which meant they were kept secret. But, eventually, word got out and anxiety spread.

Twenty-six personnel and family members would report a wide variety of symptoms. There were whispers that some colleagues thought sufferers were crazy and it was “all in the mind”. 

Five years on, reports now number in the hundreds and, the BBC has been told, span every continent, leaving a real impact on the US’s ability to operate overseas. 

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Date: September 11, 2021

31 thoughts on “'Havana syndrome': the mystery illness affecting US spies that emerged in Cuba – ​BBC News

  1. This message to MI6 “ it is better if you open this file as I have been suffering from this weapon for over 4 years and I know all steps and updates of the weapon and therefore it’s my duty to tell you and I am sure you will benefit out of it for others who can be targeted, please listen to me and I know this can cause severe damage fir the relation between 2 countries, I am a victim of a crime and you know it so save a British citizen suffered from huge crime

  2. It’s now clear that microwave weapon is real and being used and I am a victim of it but police doesn’t want to launch an investigation for me especially I provided them with all evidences and official documents? Is this nor telling you something?

  3. Isn't this why conspiracy theorists wear tinfoil hats? Seriously. That's where the tinfoil hat cliche comes from they were meant to protect your brain from microwave weapons. If that is proven true I guess we have a lot of apologising to do.

  4. Stress is obvious, like saying the fire is probably related to the heat . What's causing the stress . Worms eating brains causes stress , so do microwaves , so do hormones. Sick of shrinks. Lazy . And it's not tilting at windmills it's tilting at shrinks

  5. They've been taged. They are now in a Bubble where the people that put that on them will see everything and hear everything around them. The can see floors above, below and all around them. The best thing the U.S.A. can do is retire them so that the information that they see during their work day will not be given to the people who have tagged them with the technology.

  6. Havana Hysteria more like, all in the mind. I am sure there are perfectly fine people who were convinced they had Covid because of the media. I am sure there are people who think they are constantly under attack by terrorism because of the media, I am sure there are many people who are fearful in life in general because of the media. HYSTERIA!

  7. German scientists in World War II experimented with noise as a means of causing fatalities among troops, of the enemies of the Reich. Such was the discovery of Allied observers who investigated the more technical aspects of the Nazi war effort. Near the little town of Lofer, the Germans had established a small experimental station intended originally for research on problems concerned with mountain artillery. Eventually, however, this station became devoted to experiments in connection with lethal sound. Experiments were carried on by a Dr. Richard Wallauscheck…(Intelligence Bulletin, “Noise that Kills,” May, 1946)

  8. Pulsed microwave in Cuba targeting American diplomats, i can believe.

    In every other country? Lol, seems very typical of Americans to think so…

  9. Occam's razor. If it is happening on US Embassys around the world than couldn't it be common to the embassys. Embassies Must prevent spying and many of the methods must be active. If you want to prevent long range listening you must generate sound. If you want to prevevt cell phones then you jam then, rf. If you want to stop something like microwaves you jam it with …….. No one should reveal how or what is being used but if it happening at us embassies around the world it is time to look inside the building

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