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A heart to heart… chatting with you guys about how I take care of myself, self love tips and more.
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This video is in collaboration with Natural Cycles : http://bit.ly/2m8zDbC


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Natural Cycles is the world’s first birth control app that is approved as a contraceptive. Learn more & purchase a starter kit: http://bit.ly/2m8zDbC

See a video of how Natural Cycles works: http://bit.ly/2lyPp1d

How does Natural Cycles work?
1. Take the temperature under your tongue every morning. Enter data into the app.
2. The app will get to know you and your body and soon start displaying your cycle (i.e. which days you are not fertile).

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Date: October 14, 2020

42 thoughts on “Heart to Heart | How I Take Care Of Myself (Beauty, Lifestyle, Stress etc) | Fashion Mumblr AD

  1. Josie ~ I know this is a earlier video, but I just wanted to thank you for having your open girl talk with taking good care of ourselves. Girl Talk ~ Yes-Yes!!! We need more of it! There is so much more stress in our world with life styles and many other conditions throwing are life off balance. Having a happy body in harmony. I hope you will have more of these open discussions covering concerns to achieve ultimate care for a healthy body naturally.
    Fran ~ from the Palm Beaches of Florida

  2. Thank you. You are a very kind person and are easy to understand. I look for ward to other videos. Maybe someday I'll start.

  3. For "perfect use," the app you mention was found to be fairly similar to the pill in terms of effectiveness. For this you need to have, in addition to a clean sexual bill of health, a predictable sex schedule; regular periods; and the time and ability to abstain from sexual activity on certain precise, consecutive days every month.

    That takes much more thought, restrain and commitment than the average pill user needs – and any error can result in an unwanted pregnancy.

  4. Any tips for a meditation first timer? There are so many sources but idk where to start. Lovely video btw, very calming 💗

  5. Love this video and really enjoyed your generous sharing with lifestyles well-being. Will definitely try digital detox soon x

  6. You really inspire me . You are so beautiful and elegant.
    I would love to be able to meet you because your so interesting.
    I love your videos so much they make me very happy.
    If possible please may you do a room tour and how to keep your space clean.

  7. You seeing a comment that makes you stressed?, just wait until you have kids my dear. You know nothing of stress in your perfectly ordered life, you will though, one day. Thank you for the tips!

  8. Great tips Josie! x Meditation is a godsend to me and I also like to use an aroma therapy diffuser with some lavender oil when I'm anxious and stressed.

  9. Hey Josie. Great news about the app. I hated taking the pill when I was younger, it made me feel so weird. I'm now 44 and think I'm perimenopausal and don't want to take HRT as can have very detrimental effects. Take care sweetie x

  10. I loved watching this! hearing you speak about a more natural form of birth control that you actually use was really insightful! I am going to start doing a digital detox before bed and see if I sleep better, I always read about it but you've given me the push go actually give it a go 🙈 thank you Josie!

  11. Hi ! Sorry but I would be extremely more careful when promoting natural birth control to your target audience which is young ladies. The pill (when taken as required every day at the same time) is far more reliable. Check scientific papers please and not advertisement material. Natural birth control is good for a couple or a single woman who wouldn't mind getting pregnant while using this method but for a teenager or young lady…. well this is another story and I would have never taken this risk myself to get an unwanted pregnancy. Please be a bit more responsible when promoting birth control method !

  12. LOVE this video Jose – your filming/editing is so on point! The app sounds like a great idea – going to download it now! 🙂 x

  13. You are glowing in this video and your makeup looks beautiful 💕 I loved the topic of this video, and it was very calming/enjoyable ☺️ I would love to know the lipstick you are wearing? 😍

  14. Yes, more chatty videos like this one please! I definitely find it interesting to hear about Natural Cycles but it's not for me because I struggle a lot when not being on the pill.. it's so intriguing how the same yet different our bodies are. Oh and a video about meditation is definitely welcome 🙂 lots of love 😘 Lyn

  15. Loved this video and the idea/method of natural cycles, which by the way is being taught in Catholic Church as part of pre-marriage course.

  16. Great video Josie!! love these relaxed chatty videos, great topic to!! this app sounds fantastic!! i have been contemplating coming off the pill as i had a short break when i ran out of my last lot and i felt so different – for the better!! So ill give this a real thought thank you!! xxx

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