Here's what it's like to fly from the UK right now | Step-by-Step 🇬🇧✈


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Holidays are back, and we were on one of the first flights!

Here, Jake covers how testing, precautions and new rules have changed going on holiday in a step-by-step recount of the entire trip from start to finish.

If you’ve got any questions about new processes, just let us know in the comments below!

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Date: September 24, 2021

42 thoughts on “Here's what it's like to fly from the UK right now | Step-by-Step 🇬🇧✈

  1. What is the point of day 2 tests? Is it so that you can renter the UK within the 72hr period? Or test yourself while in quarantine?

    I'm just confused as to why one needs to purchase them instead of going to a clinic and getting a cheaper test for reentry.

  2. Trying to work this out for a trip to Italy. Typical Italians want you to test within 48 hours which is making this more challenging than it needs to be!

  3. So as usual the rich can go on holidays whilst the poor stay home in the rain. £300 per person for a family of 4 is £1200 just for tests. 😭😭😭💷

  4. i'm travelling to france soon, do i need to do a PCR test 72 hours before my flight there? online it says if you are fully vaccinated you just need a covid pass to enter the country, nothing about a negative test

  5. I’m travelling to Belgium tomorrow, I have done my PLF but it would not let leave the seat number section empty so I just put N/A as I don’t receive my seat number until tomorrow at the airport when I get my boarding pass. Do you think this will be sufficient? Many thanks!

  6. I have a question and I'd be grateful if anyone could help me.
    I'm going to Switzerland to visit my poorly father.
    How does the coming back to the UK test work? I buy it and take it with me? You test yourself and then what? Send it away? Where to? How do they send you your results? I'm kinda lost.

  7. Thank you sharing that video about the covid departure tests and when you get the results back and whether you could fly that was a big help we are going to Portugal 1 st September so will do the test Monday and get it in the will hopefully get the result back Tuesday and be ok to fly Wednesday coz once again it's 72hours thanks again very big help

  8. Hey, Thanks so much for this information. I'm going to the Ukraine on Friday, and all they require is one of double vaccination/negative PCR test. Since I am double vaccinated, I was wondering If Ryanair would require me to have proof of negative test to board the plane, or not? (Ukraine also test at their border)

  9. Surely being able to do the pcr test at home leaves that open to abuse? What's to stop one person providing a negative sample for other travellers?

  10. When do you need to book (buy) your days 2-8 test? Before flying to your destination or you can do it when you are in your destination (as long as before completing your passenger locator form)? Can you arrange when to have them delivered? I'll be away for a very long time, so I would rather wait to buy them, in case things change. Thanks!

  11. When I went to Italy from Heathrow last September was so quiet , this time round I’m worried about the testing encase positive before or coming back , how much is a pack for both tests ? I pressume u can get both tests one before and one to take before u return back u can do urself in hotel

  12. What a utter pr*ck!, ooooh dont touch the shared ladle!, how anyone can enjoy a sunny holiday in a mask is beyond me. Scanning apps are not fun btw, draconian.

  13. Do you need to have a negative test to visit Greece? I'm fully vaccinated. If I don't will the airline allow me to board the plane

  14. fair bit of confusion and mis percetions out there..lets be clear, you are not required a pcr negative test to get on a plane to spain from uk at this moment, despite a ryanair customer rep swearing blind I needed one, these staff need to be trained better so they dont give our false info:)

  15. Hey guys I plan on travelling on the 16th, and im looking for places to do a pcr test. Would you know anywhere else where I could get it? I have seen other ones for £120 but thats really expensive and I would like to avoid spending that much if possible. Please let me know asap I would be really grateful!

    Great video anyways thank you!

  16. Hi, so the negative test you need to have to get on the plane is not a cheap fit to fly cert. but a PCR test? is that correct? Sorry im still confused between those tests. Lateral Antigen test as I understood is not suitable for that?

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