Here's Why Nicki Minaj Threatened To Sue Daily Mail TV Host Jesse Palmer


Nicki Minaj went on a social media tirade on Tuesday (December 11) as she threatened to sue Daily Mail television host Jesse Palmer. The problem? Unless people caught the show, nobody knew what Palmer said to get Nicki so riled up.

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Date: August 20, 2019

25 thoughts on “Here's Why Nicki Minaj Threatened To Sue Daily Mail TV Host Jesse Palmer

  1. I quit watching Daily Mail, because he inserts his opinions many times, rather than just tell the news! And Jesse definitely needs a tailor! He always looks like he's wearing his little brother's suits!

  2. She hasn’t supported her brother. Put yourself in her shoes, y’all looveeee to judge but never show any type of reasonable explanation to back up your uneducated opinions. It’s ridiculous to me that people want to disrespect someone who has done so much for woman in the hip hop industry. It’s disgusting that people want to try to make her dissapear. Like gtfo she not going no where. She’s an amazing lyricist, got so many diff flows, and has done so much in the hip hop industry for women. Cardi’s personality is what has gotten her where she is if she was more well spoken and quiet where would she be? As for her boyfriend no one knows what actually happened. The justice system in the usa is so fucked up, innocent people going to jail for crimes they didn’t commit while the real criminals are still out there. He was in a relationship with the girl at the time, that doesn’t make it any less okay, but who knows where he grew up in, what state of mind he was in, and not to mention he was a teenager. That doesn’t make it any better but he’s GROWN. He went to Jail and served time. It’s so interesting how easy it is for people to hold a celebrities past or whomever’s past and hold it against them all the time, but the commentator also has made bad decisions. Im pretty sure all of you have done dumb shit when you were younger(some more than others) but whatever. Point is people evolve, they change, they mature. For the jesus people, here’s this, Jesus was kind to a prostitute in fact he was nice to her, he didn’t hold what she did against her, he saw her heart. And maybe nicki sees her boyfriend’s heart and loves him for it. In all the time her brother’s been locked up she’s only visited him once for their mom so no i don’t think she supports him. Again none of us know what happens so stop making assumptions and disrespecting a woman who has done so much for so many people. It’s only fair she can defend herself with all people are saying, she has that right, she’s done a lot. So stop disrespecting her.

  3. Lol I see no lies he told tho she did still support her brother after it came out that he did hurt that lil girl now she dating a guy that have the same issue of being a rapist smh think about it why she connects with all rapists her brother 69 an the guy she dating she supports pedophiles an it’s fuckin sad

  4. It can't be false if it isn't proven false DX and according to these articles, Nicki's mother posted his 100k bond with her house but that doesn't mean said house wasn't paid for by Nicki.

  5. To all MURS and hiphop dx breakdown fans, I feel we should just cut our losses to this channel snd unsubscribe since we're not getting what we came for and that is MURS music breakdowns. I've had enough

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