Highlights: Watford 3-2 Wolves | FA Cup | BBC Sport


Gerard Deulofeu delivers a sensational display after coming on as substitute to inspire Watford’s dramatic comeback from two goals down to beat Wolverhampton Wanderers after extra time in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley.


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Highlights: Watford 3-2 Wolves | FA Cup | BBC Sport


Date: October 14, 2020

20 thoughts on “Highlights: Watford 3-2 Wolves | FA Cup | BBC Sport

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  2. Was in the crowd for the game. No one thought the first goal was a shot coz it looked exactly like a cross. Thats why the celebration is a tiny bit delayed.

  3. Watford 0-2 Wolves at 78'
    Watford 1-2 Wolves 79'
    Watford 2-2 Wolves last minute
    Watford 3-2 Wolves…
    Wolves: Oh dear we are in trouble

  4. Just proves the wolves vs Watford semi final was fixed after all cause where was your never give up attitude against city your trash Watford didn't even put up a fight against city your semi final win was a fluke tbh cause you didn't come back to 2-2 against city did ya

  5. Well, it's good to know that I was right…. Watford GOT their backsides wiped clean like Chelsea did at the Etihad, except Watford lost by that margin in the final. What a surprise…

  6. Finally watched the highlights after the heartbreak of losing…

    Also why is everyone going on about guy mowbray being such a good commentator…? Fuckin hell

  7. So enjoy your day at wembly deeney also enjoy your runner-up medal too bruv and funny how the ref didn't give wolves that penalty Saturday yet gives deeney a penalty when he hardly got fucking touched yet jota got his legs taken out bribery or nah ?

  8. You Watford fans call wolves shit yet we beat majority of the top 6 this season we beat united twice beat Liverpool beat chelsea beat spurs ripped apart arsenal majority of the top 6 haven't beat wolves this season also we give city a fight at molineux if we wouldn't have struggled against teams below us we would be higher then 7th btw deeney deserved all the rascist remarks he was rascist towards Jimenez too Don't Watford know Jimenez is from Mexico and its disrespectful to mock the wrestling mask in Mexico

  9. We got sweet revenge Saturday tho whos the loser now deeney dickhead Jimenez is a loser aye will we see whos a loser When city beat the fuck of shitty Watford and you cry like the bitch you are btw thanks for europe Watford

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