Hijacked Ship Taken Over By Somalian Pirates | Pirates Of Somalia: A Test Of Survival | Wonder


With unique, perilous access onboard a hijacked ship, Pirates Of Somalia is the true story behind the rise of piracy in Somalia and follows a group of youths on a pirate skiff as they hunt for ships to hijack.

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Date: May 6, 2020

27 thoughts on “Hijacked Ship Taken Over By Somalian Pirates | Pirates Of Somalia: A Test Of Survival | Wonder

  1. The saddest part is they blame the Americans and Europeans for not caring for them. But they forget to ask themselves aren’t they themselves part of the societies which don’t care for human life. Why do they blame the Westerners for their own behaviour?

  2. too bad the world organizations cant help these people rise up to a higher standard , even after pilaging their resources , instead they try to make the USA a 3rd world country ?????? thats whats wrong with politicians. if the ship owners dont want to pay a ransom ,why not salvage what they can and let the ship go????? nothing to gain , caught the wrong ship ……….like robbing a bank and getting no money… if the tanks are full of product make use of it???

  3. I personally think what they are doing is 💯 percent right. But one thing that I disagree is killing, And the question we have to ask ourselves is “why are the ships in Somalis territory”.

  4. Who’s pirate the Somalis or the stupid guys from around the world who’s fishing illegal ???? So guys iam asking you who’s the pirate thanks I am waiting for you the answer

  5. I can tell u for free Somalia is the best country in ths world they have like everything in this country bt can't b allowed to have peace its pains alot

  6. But the richest man that was poor gave his all to save this world & its people & his name was & is JESUS WHO DIED ON THE CROSS FOR US ALL & IN 3 DAYS CAME TO LIFE AGAIN & TAUGHT 60 MORE DAYS BEFORE GOING TO HEAVEN ,,,& WILL RETURN AGAIN WITH THE ANGELS OF HEAVEN ,,,TO DEFEAT EVIL

  7. In Somalia ther are a lot of piracy which works a negatively so I have been working for battle ships from European coast guard for the last Five years,when they came Somalia they catches more then 30 boats in every month you see the large number that I mentioned above this line so it's not good to hijack the foreign ships when they come here, my advice is we have to keep the stability and security of both oceans red sea and Indian

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