HIM's Ville Valo Returns to Music, New Band Revealed


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Date: January 19, 2020

46 thoughts on “HIM's Ville Valo Returns to Music, New Band Revealed

  1. H.I.M and the amazing Ville Valo will NEVER die!! Been a hardcore H.I.M fan forever and always will be have a heartagram tattooed on my finger for my love for them and how their music has gotten me through some hard times in my life!! Thankyou to the whole entire band and to Ville for sharing your beautiful lyrics and voice over a span of 26 years with us!! Love you guys!! :' ) #HIMfan4life #lovemetal4life #heartagramgirl

  2. Of all the things he could have done, that he did the one thing I wished he'd do most makes my heart smile & my soul burn brightly with joy. 🌹🌹🌹💕💕💕😎🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘😘😘

  3. I'm expecting this to be as disappointing as we all might be guessing, but I'll listen to it anyway just because I've followed HIM since 2003.
    My recommendation to Mr. Valo. Inspire your music in new contents like NIN, TOOL and Radiohead (to mention a few) do and get your shit together before you end up singing in bars in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Oh my god, I'm crying.. I've been a fan since younger than 10 years old and only got to see one of HIM's shows, which was my first and last. These guys and Ville were literally such an important part of my childhood. Their music saved my life and helped me through some really hard times, and Ville's singing literally is therapeutic for me.

  5. Yeah….his collaboration with the agents isn't "new" per say…….hes done thing with them before…..but all the trendy fans don't know that….and probably don't realize that this is Finnish folk music…..it is very pleasing to the ear and nether regions….but it's not like listening to HIM

  6. He should just stop performing. He has ruined his voice permanently with his smoking and drinking and who knows what else. I saw him perform live last November and I was extremely disappointed. He can’t sing for shit anymore and he tries to hit these high notes….it was cringeworthy. Also we had half an hour left of the concert and he decided to leave early. After the crowd chanting for more FOR LITERALLY TWO MINUTES OF ASKING. He came back to perform one last song and left without so much as a goodbye or thank you. Oh and he also performed later then expected as well. And it was his first and final concert in Canada. Ever since then I’m not in love with him anymore and don’t listen to his songs as much. He left a bad taste in my mouth. Some people even came from Mexico to see him and he did that. I see him in a different light for sure. Sold his soul to the devil just to perform and then ruined his chances with his addictions. 😒

  7. One of my best nights was seeing HIM perform for the last time at Helsinki last Christmas, love metal will always be there. <3
    By the way, all who are already big fans of Ville & HIM, most likely know Ville's songs with Agents, but if you for some reason haven't heard them, you should really give them a listen. Songs like Ikkunaprinsessa and Jykevää On Rakkaus are great.

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