Hiroshima Nagasaki: World के First Nuclear Attack के 75 साल BBC Duniya With Sarika (BBC Hindi)


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हिरोशिमा में परमाणु हमले के 75 साल, कवर स्टेरी में 6 अगस्त 1945 के एटम अटैक की पूरी कहानी
Corona Virus से जुड़े और दिलचस्प वीडियो देखने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npgvIvfmNkE&list=PLYxuvEJLss6ByutcqkthikPxV3ccUkwPB

कोरोना वायरस से जुड़ी सारी प्रामाणिक ख़बरें पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें : https://www.bbc.com/hindi/international-51848794

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Date: October 15, 2020

35 thoughts on “Hiroshima Nagasaki: World के First Nuclear Attack के 75 साल BBC Duniya With Sarika (BBC Hindi)

  1. Sarika ma'am kbhi job related bola karo
    BBC रिपोर्ट Aap se yhaनिवेदन
    ssc job
    railway job
    up goverment job ka topic uta le
    Abhi Aapke चैंनल TRP ऊपर

  2. Sarika ma'am kbhi job related bola karo
    BBC रिपोर्ट Aap se yhaनिवेदन
    ssc job
    railway job
    up goverment job ka topic uta le
    Abhi Aapke चैंनल TRP ऊपर

  3. Sarika ma'am kbhi job related bola karo
    BBC रिपोर्ट Aap se yhaनिवेदन
    ssc job
    railway job
    up goverment job ka topic uta le
    Abhi Aapke चैंनल TRP ऊपर

  4. गौर कीजिएगा समय 00:42 से 00:44 के बीच में, अभी इतने केस भारत में नहीं हुए हैं।

  5. Hindustan aur pakistan ka batwara hi ghalat tha.jo musalman iska oppose kiya aur Hindustan ko hi apna subkuch maanker Hindustan me rahna sahi mana
    Afshos h k Bharat ka musalman chahe apne jism ka ek ek qatra blood ka apne madre watan k lie qurban kerde phir v use ek shak k nazar se dekhte hai .aakhir keun????? jubke muslim naujwan her morche pe desh Bharat ki raxsha aur iske devolopment me chahe petro dollar ko khari deshon se mazdoori kerke earn kerna aur forign currency k bhandar ko bhadhate rha ho
    Aakhir keun muslim ko hi ghaddar kahne ki policy h ?? jub ke jise hum desh bhakt samajhte hain wahi apni personal benefit k lie Bharat ko her trah ka jakham lagata h magar use ghddar nhi desh bhakt ka award diye jate hai
    To aakhir hum Aaj is Bharat ko kis direction me le ja rhe hain?????kiya isi marg pe chalker Bharat ko duniya me ek shaktishali aur vikshit Rastra bana payenge???????
    Aaj v samay h k apne under ke uthe kisi v shak shubah ko mitate hue ek prem k bandhan me bandhker sabhi desh vashi isko ek shaktishali aur vikshit Rastra banane me apna 100% de beghair kisi v ved vao k
    jai Hind
    jai jwan
    jai kissan

  6. SAARC countries relation with India in danger because of Indian colonial
    mentality, Dadagiri and expansionism. SAARC has been disappeared due to
    Modi. Colonial mentality means suppress the small countries that do not
    want to come under Indian Umbrella like Bhutan.
    Jay Shankara, then foreign secretary, sent to Nepal to compel our
    leaders to amend the Constitution as wanted by India which was passed by
    a 2/3 majority in the parliament of Nepal. When our leaders refused,
    Modi imposed economic blocked on Nepal. Modi had stopped even the import
    of life saving drugs at the time when Nepal was struggling with the
    aftermath of Earthquake. Nearly 9000 people had died and thousands
    wounded. It was a type of undeclared war by Modi. Even in war, enemy
    country allows free movement of ambulances. This deep wound given by
    Modi will never be forgotten by our people and our generation to come.
    This inhuman act by Modi will be written in our history with black
    Chinese Govt. had come to rescue by supplying all the necessary items
    that we needed, like petrol, diesel and food stuffs. Dadagiri was shown
    even by Indian Army personnel as well sent to help during earthquake but
    blocked the airport not letting other planes to land. Somehow Nepal
    army managed to send them back to Delhi.
    To be frank, China never wanted to see political instability in Nepal.
    On the contrary, China used to advise our leaders to maintain good
    relation with India due to easy access to Indian market and sea as well.
    We can now visualize the difference between a colonial attitude and a
    clean selfless heart. In true sense, India never wanted Nepal prosper.
    No political stability in Nepal so that it could play its dirty game.
    India is restless now as there is no chance of doing micromanagement.
    India has grabbed our whole Kalapani region which was once provided to
    India by Late King Mahendra for time being after 1962 Indo-China war.
    Some day or other we will take it back. India should not forget that
    Koshi and Gandaki barrage are in Nepal. Some mad people may finish
    everything submerging whole Bihar and UP.
    Trade treaties are not entertained by India making unilateral amendments
    in the middle of the treaty and impose them whenever feel like
    harassing our businessmen at the entry and exit points.
    There is another story of Indian cooperation in the field of
    infrastructural development. Projects taken by India right from the
    beginning took years and years to complete. Projects so completed became
    like “Some thing is better than nothing”. Some hydro projects have
    become the jokes. India wants full control over our rivers like Bhutan
    which is impossible. Nepal is not Bhutan. Nepal is a sovereign country
    and member of UN like India and has equal status. There comes the
    problem when Nepal says an “equal status”. There should not be the
    question of big or small brother but a good neighbor. When we say big
    brother and small brother it smells colonial behavior.
    Our Tarai Pradesh known as major rice producing region is submerged
    every year during monsoon due to high embankments constructed by India
    on No Man's Land which is an international boundary (DAS GAJA) in
    between Nepal and India. India does not honor international law where no
    structure can be built. I will repeat, it is the colonial mentality of
    Indian SSB dismantling demarcation pillars frequently by force and
    making them disappeared to facilitate the encroachment of our land by
    India is fabricating false news about China saying that China had
    encroached our land at 11 points. Our foreign ministry has made it clear
    that no land was taken by China. There is a saying in India "ULTA CHOR
    KOTWAL KO Dnate".
    At the most what India can do is to impose full economic blocked once
    again till an Indian broker becomes the PM of Nepal. We are prepared to
    face it. We must seal our border keeping only a few points opened.
    Influx of Indians and Roti-Beti connection will change our demography
    which is the main strategy of India. India is not providing citizenship
    to Nepalese who are staying in Asam and other states since many many
    years. This is a double standard of Modi & Company.
    Jay Nepal.
    Long live Nepal-China friendship.

  7. शारिका इनसान को धर्ति पे पैदा किया गया है तो विकास के लिये या विनाश के लिये? मै मतलबि इनसानको देखकर हरन हु।

  8. It is not accepted to support the USA's argue that using of atom bomb stopped the second World War,it only used it's bomb in the war,because Japan was advancing on certain fronts against this group.. Bomb destroyed Japan but not defeated it… The style of the news anchor is enough loving and effective……

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